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1. During the lecture, the speaker occasionally ____A____ his point by relating his own experiences.


A. illustrated

B. hinted

C. cited

D. displayed


2. The doctors ____C___ the medicines to the people in the flood area.


A. prayed

B. packed

C. distributed

D. undertook


3. Young people are not ____B____ to stand and look at works of art; they want art they can participate in


A. conservative

B. content

C. confident

D. generous


4. He tried to ____B___ relations with his former wife but he failed.


A. measure

B. maintain

C. shelter

D. reply


5. He _____A__ to study harder in the future so that he could have more opportunities to find a better job.


A. resolved

B. resorted

C. requested

D. reserved


6. The ____B___ work continued for more than a week but there was still no sign of the missing boy.


A. research

B. rescue

C. vessel

D. vast


7. ____A___ energy under the earth must be released in one form or another, for example, an earthquake.


A. Accumulated

B. Gathered

C. Assembled

D. Collected


8. However, at times this balance in nature is ___B____, resulting in a number of possibly unforeseen effects. 然而,自然界的这种平衡有时会被打破,导致一些可能无法预见的影响。

A. troubled

B. disturbed

C. confused

D. puzzled


9. She is a very ____D____ secretary: she never forgets anything or makes a mistake.



B. effective

C. adequate

D. efficient


10. Nancy is only a sort of ____C____ of her husband’s opinion and has no ideas of her own.


A. sample

B. reproduction

C. echo

D. shadow


11. There are certain ____C____ when you must interrupt people who are in the middle of doing something.


A. Conditions

B. situations

C. occasions

D. environments


12. The boy is eager to __B___ knowledge in different fields.


A. insert

B. absorb

C. arrange

D. approach


13. If I _____C_____ harder at school, I would be sitting in a comfortable office now.


A. worked

B. were to work

C. had worked

D. were working


14. Chemical changes can ___A___ energy.


A. give off

B. give up

C. give of

D. give in


15. He ______A____ another career but, at the time, he didn’t have enough money to attend graduate school.他本可以选择另一种职业,但当时他没有足够的钱读研究生。

A. might have chosen

B. might choose

C. had to choose

D. must have chosen


16.I was speaking to Jane on the phone when suddenly we were ___A__.


A. cut off

B. cut down

C. cut back

D. cut out


17. Peter complained to the owner of the bookstore that there were some pages___B___ in the dictionary.


A. losing

B. missing

C. dropping

D. falling


18. What she told me about the affair simply doesn’t make any____C___.


A. idea

B. meaning

C. sense

D. significance


19. There’s little chance that mankind would ____D____ a nuclear war.


A. relieve

B. endure

C. maintain

D. survive


20. Why can’t you do this small __C__ for me? I’ve helped you often enough in the past.


A. demand

B. request

C. favor

D. requirement


21. People are A for peace.


A. longing

B. shorting

C. lacking

D. wishing


22.In my bedroom, there is a pair of scissors, a stack of books and ___D___ flowers on my desk.


A. a piece of

B. a pocket of

C. a slice of

D. a bunch of


23. Ryan was late for conference yesterday D traffic jam.


A. because

B. since

C. for

D. because of


24. The technological advances made it possible for the middle classes to enjoy what had once been ____A____ only to the very rich.


A. affordable

B. measurable

C. acceptable

D. manageable


25. Mike had prepared carefully for his math exam so that he could be sure of passing it on his first ___B___. Mike为他的数学考试做了认真的准备,这样他第一次考试就一定能及格。

A. purpose

B. attempt

C. intention

D. struggle


26. I have two boys but ___D____ of them likes sweets.


A. both

B. neither

C. either

D. none


27. Some stores set__B____special areas where customers can relax.


A.set down

B.set up

C.set off

D.set on


28. Parents have the duty to __A____ their children into the adventure of life.




C. relieve

D. set


29. She needs someone to___C___ in about a very personal problem.



B. decide

C. confide

D. talk


30. You really shouldn’t carry so much money ___B___with you.


A. of

B. around

C. on

D. along

属于.关于(某人) 周围,环绕在…上沿着,顺着

31. He’s tried many things with no particular success, but he is __B___ an incapable person.


A. in term of

B. by no means

C. in addition to

D. by means of


32.He went ahead ___C___ all warnings about the danger of his mission.


A. in case of

B. because of

C. regardless of

D. prior to


33. However, at times this balance in nature is ____A____, resulting in a number of possibly unforeseen effects.


A. troubled

B. disturbed

C. confused

D. puzzled


34. During the lecture, the speaker occasionally __A__ his point by relating his own experiences.


A. illustrated

B. hinted

C. cited

D. displayed


35. The government is trying to do something to ____B____ better understanding between the two countries.


A. raise

B. promote

C. heighten

D. increase


36.After a long and exhausting journey, they arrived __C____.


A. till the last

B. at last

C. by the end

D. at the end


37. We object ____B____ punishing a whole group for one person’s fault.


A. against

B. about

C. to

D. or


38.I can’t ___C___ what that object is.


A. make up

B. make over

C. make out

D. make for


39. I’m ___C___ for New York tomorrow to attend a business meeting.


A. setting

B. setting in

C. setting about

D. setting out


40. Finding a job in such an international company has always been ___D_____ his wildest dreams.


A. under

B. over

C. beyond

D. above


41. At drama school, there is ____D_____ attention to a student’s control of both voice and movement, and the different departments work at developing a student’s overall acting technique.


A. current现在的

B. worldwide 世界范围

C. primary初级的

D. constant一直的,连续发生的

42. The kitchen __B___ fresh baked bread, which carried her back to her childhood.


A. emerged出现

B. smelled of闻到

C. displayed陈列

D. pervaded渗透

43. If your child is spending too much time on computer games, think carefully about how you are going to ______C_ the situation.


A. accomplish完成

B. arrange安排

C. handle处理

D. decrease减少

44. If you drive very fast every day, the ____B__ are that you’ll have an accident one day.


A. probabilities概率

B. odds不幸的可能性

C. likelihoods可能性

D. misfortunes 灾厄

45. Music, for both of us, is a part of life we treasure, and Michael has found his records and tapes a constant ____A___ of happiness during the long hours of inactivity forced upon him.


A. source来源

B. illustration图表

C. addition加

D. package包

46. Shelly had prepared carefully for her biology examination so that she could be sure of passing it on her first ____B____.


A. intention打算

B. attempt企图

C. purpose目的

D. desire欲望

47. The only way to __D_____ a fear is to face it, and to do so as frequently as possible.


A. commit 承诺

B. enlarge扩大

C. communicate沟通

D. conquer战胜

48.Our teacher is someone ____C___ we must show a lot of respect.


A. for whom为谁

B. in which在哪

C. to whom对谁

D. under whom在谁之下

49. He isn’t ___B____ the habit of saying much when he comes to see us.


A. on在..上

B. in在...里

C. to到

D. for为...

50. I want to speak to the manager, but the line’s busy and I can’t get ___D____.


A. in在..里

B. on 在..上

C. off关闭

D. through通过

51. People who buy sports clothes are often loyal ____A___ a particular brand.


A. to到

B. with和

C. over结束

D. by通过

52. I’m afraid I bought the shoes __C_____ impulse without looking at the price.


A. at在

B. for为了

C. on在..上

D. off关闭

53. It can be argued, for example, that teaching can be ___C____ more effectively if teacher and student take their appropriate roles.


A. disciplined纪律严明的

B. confessed坦白

C. accomplished完成的

D. proposed提出

54. You should make sure you know where the parents can be ____D__, and that they have given you all the information you are likely to need about the child.


A. connected有联系的

B. communicated交流

C. committed尽心尽力的

D. contacted联系了

55. The “unsinkable” passenger liner Titanic sank on her maiden ___C___ when she struck an iceberg in the Atlantic.


A. trip出行

B. tour观光

C. voyage航行

D. journey行程

56. The result of every accident, however __D_____, is a rise in the cost of insurance.


A. radical根本的

B. rare稀少的

C. reluctant不情愿的

D. minor微小的

57. Jane is very ____B____ -- if she says she’ll do something she’ll do it.


A. reliance信任


C. reliant依赖性的

D. relies依赖(第三人称单数)

58. We’ll do our best to help those ___A_____ people after the disaster.


A. unfortunate不幸的


C. misfortune厄运


59. This knife of yours needs __D______.


A. widen变宽

B. widening变宽

C. sharpen变得锋利

D. sharpening变得锋利

60. Sometimes it is an advantage to be __C_____, for example in court.


A. emotionally感情上

B. emotional 感情的

C. unemotional不露感情的

D. emotion感情

61.Iron has an important role to play in the __A___ working of the human body and is vital to healthy living.



B. favorite

C. primary

D. current


62.His wife is ___D____ finding fault with him, which makes him very angry.



B. continuously

C. considerately

D. constantly


63.He could see her lips ____B____ and hoped she would not cry in public again.



B. trembling

C. shaking

D. stooping


64.I started to read newspapers and magazines more, and, for just about the first time in my life, I began to take an interest in ___B____ affairs.



B. current

C. ancient

D. social


65.I’d like to ___A____ that students should be allowed more time for independent study.



B. command

C. arrange

D. steer


66.Although this law does not actually ___A____ the possession of weapons whose use is illegal, it is clearly moving in that direction.



B. allow

C. stop

D. promote


67.Is there anything in your personal life which would ___A___ the party if it became public?



B. appreciate

C. waken

D. involve


68.Learning ___C____ help make the difficult task of studying English easier.



B. process

C. strategies

D. materials


69.After resting in Sydney for a few weeks, Chichester set off once more ___C___ his friends attempt to dissuade him.


A.round the corner

B. by no means

C. in spite of

D. in addition to


70.Groups of children sometimes can ___C____ games of their own, or maybe entertain themselves in their own way if they are free of adult interference.



B. arrange

C. invent

D. challenge


71.If you ___B___ all your efforts on the learning of English, you will eventually learn the language well.


A. increase

B. concentrate

C. prepare

D. hold


72.After fruits are cut and___D___to the air, they can turn brown and lose nutrients.



B. displayed

C. shown

D. exposed


73.The writer would rather live in his native country, and not be allowed to ___A___, than go elsewhere and be free to do so.



B. escape

C. publish

D. retire


https://www.doczj.com/doc/2b8887750.html,st year the advertising rate ___D___ by 20 percent.



B. aroused

C. arose

D. rose


75.Though ___B___ in a big city, Peter always prefers to paint the primitive scenes of country life.



B. raised

C. tended

D. cultivated


76.If you have worked hard ____D____, you won’t have to sit up all night before the exams.


A.at the same time

B. at a time

C. every time

D. at other times


77.As a fireman, you must be ready to ____B____ hardships and even suffer death.



B. endure

C. refuse

D. select


78.The baby’s first step caused great _____A_____ in the family.



B. excited

C. exciting

D. excitedly


79.You can’t let your eyes glide across the lines of a book and ___B___ an understanding of what you have read.


https://www.doczj.com/doc/2b8887750.html,e up to

B. come up with

C. stand up to

D. put up with


80.Although I liked the appearance of the house, what really made me decide to buy it was the beautiful ___D___ through the window.



B. look

C. picture

D. view


81. You may never experience an earthquake or a volcanic eruption in your life, but you will___C___ changes in the land.


A. adapt

B. adopt

C. witness

D. define


82. Tommy took all the apples, so the teacher told him that he was being___A___.


A. greedy

B. grateful

C. generous

D. gloomy


83. Students sometimes support themselves by ____C__ of evening jobs.


A. ways

B. efforts

C. means

D. methods


84. Mr. Smith spent the weekend in the country as he ___C___ to the office on Saturday.


A. was not necessary

B. must not go

C. did not have to go

D. ought not to have gone


85. In a sudden ____B____ of anger, the man tore up everything within reach.


A. attack

B. burst

C. split

D. blast


86.He made no ___C___ at winning the prize..


A. decision

B. intention

C. attempt

D. mention


87.There are plastic and wooden chairs but the ___C__ are more expensive.


A. later

B. late

C. latter

D. latest


88.Once she has set her mind __B___ her goal, there is no stopping her.


A.to achieve

B. to achieving

C. achieve

D. achieving


89.It is true that these herbs can be used to ___A___ pain.



B. minus

C. relief

D. plus


90.The lecture was so __B___ that I couldn’t help yawning.



B. boring

C. bore

D. bores


91.At three thousand feet, wide plains begin to appear, and there is never a moment when some distant mountain is not ___D___.


A.on view

B. at a glance

C. on the scene

D. in sight


92.During the summer holiday season there are no ___D___ rooms in this seaside hotel.



B. blank

C. deserted

D. vacant


93. With ___A___ exceptions, the former president does not appear in public now.



B. unusual

C. extraordinary

D. unique


94.He will have to answer ___B___ his indecent behaviour one day.



B. for

C. back

D. about


95.The thief tried to open the locked door but ____B____.


A.in no way

B. in vain

C. without effect

D. at a loss


96. In those days the Portuguese were trying to reach India by sailing around Africa, but Columbus was ___B___ to prove that India could be reached by sailing west.



B. determined

C. considered

D. regarded


97.Very few plants and animals can ____D___ heat or cold for a long time.



B. hold

C. accept

D. endure


98.I am afraid that the ____B___ between rich and poor is still widening in our country.



B. gap

C. channel

D. distance


https://www.doczj.com/doc/2b8887750.html,mittee advice can be biased if a committee is only ___C___ persons with similar backgrounds and experiences.


A.taken from

B. made of

C. composed of

D. developed from


100.The relationship between employers and employees has been studied ___D_____.



B. extremely

C. violently

D. intensively



1-5. ACBBA 6-10. BABDC 11-15. CBCAA 16-20. ABCDC 21-25. ADDAB26-30. BBACB31-35. BCBAB36-40. BCCDC 41-45. DBCBA 46-50. BDCBD 51-55. ACCDC 56-60. DBADC 61-65. ADBBA 66-70. AACCC 71-75. BDADB 76-80. DBABD 81-85. CACCB 86-90. CCBAB 91-95. DDABB 96-100. BDBCD


实用文档 初中英语语法测试100 题 1.—How many________are there in your school,T om?—Two. A.Japanese B.American C.Germen D.Australian 2.________room is big and bright.They like it very much. A.T om and Sam B.T om's and Sam C.T om and Sam's D.T om's and Sam's 3.The students didn't find much_______about the topic on that website. A.report B.article C.information D.story 4.There are many________at the foot of the hill. A.cow B.horse C.sheep D.fish 5.They are from________.They're________. A C .Germany;Germans .German;Germany B.Germans;Germany D.Germany;Germen 6.—What would you like to drink,girls?—________,please. A.Two glass of water B.Two glass of waters C.Two cups of tea D.Two cups of teas 7.Kate is________girl.She's very happy at school. A C .a eighteen-year-old .an eighteen-years-old B.an eighteen-year-old D.a eighteen-years-old 8.In our school,there are fifty-five________. A C .women teachers .women teacher B.woman teachers D.woman teacher 9.My cousins have collected stamps for two years.They have________stamps from different countries. A.a little B.many C.much D.little 10.________of the twins went to watch Peking Opera last Sunday.They were staying at home all that day. A.Either B.Both C.Neither D.None


2020届英语专四专八语法与词汇练习题 (后附详细答案) Flight simulator (飞行模拟器)refers to any electronic or mechanical system for training airplane and spacecraft pilots and crew member by simulating flight conditions. The purpose of simulation is not to completely substitute (1)_____ actual flight training but to thoroughly familiarize students with the vehicle (2)_____ before they (3)_____ extensive and possibly dangerous actual flight training. Simulations also is useful for review and for familiarizing pilots with new (4)_____ to existing craft. Two early flight simulators appeared in England within a decade after the first flight of Orville and Wilbur Wright. They were designed to enable pilots to stimulate simple aircraft (5)_____ in three dimensions:nose up or down;left wing high and right low,or vice versa;and (6)_____ to left or right. It took until 1929,however,for a truly effective simulator,the Link Trainer,to appear,devised by Edwin A. Link,a self-educated aviator and inventor from Binghamton,New York. (7)_____,airplane instrumentation had been developed sufficiently to permit “blind” flying on instruments alone,but training pilots to do so involved (8)_____ risk. Link built a model of an airplane cockpit equipped (9)_____ instrument panel and controls that could realistically stimulate all the movements of an airplane. Pilots could use the device for instrument training,manipulating the controls (10)_____ instrument readings so as to maintain straight and level flight or (11)_____ climb or descent with no visual reference (12)_____ any horizon except for the artificial one on the instrument panel. The trainer was modified (13)_____ aircraft technology advanced. Commercial airlines began to use the Link Trainer for pilot training,and the US government began purchasing them in 1934,(14)_____ thousands more as World War II approached. Technological advances during the war,particularly in electronics,helped to make the flight simulator increasingly (15)_____. The use of efficient analog computers in the early 1950s led to further improvements. Airplane cockpits,controls,and instrument displays had by then become so individualized that it was no longer feasible to use a generalized trainer to prepare pilots to fly anything (16)_____ the simplest light planes. By the 1950s,the US Air Force was using simulators that precisely (17)_____ the cockpits of its planes. During the early 1960s (18)_____ digital and hybrid computers were adopted,and their speed and flexibility revolutionized simulation systems. Further advances in computer and (19)_____ technology,notably the development of virtual-reality simulation,have made it possible to (20)_____ highly complex real-life conditions. 1. A. for B. to C. with D. on


英语语法学习 摘要:这篇论文主要描述传统英语语法学习。这篇论文同时也强调学习语法对提高英语水平的重要性。该论文列举一些相关的语法学习的例子来阐述如何学习英语语法。文章结尾处,提出一些如何学习英语语法的建议。 关键词:英语语法从句连词 一、导言 英语是世界第一语言(埃利斯,2011),由于其实用性和高度的认可度,世界各地的人都在学习英语。英语首先重视的是说、读、写。确实,语言学习重视的是实践,但是,句法学是从组织规则和语言实践的规则中总结出来的。理解句法学可以减少语言使用的盲目性,提高正确使用语言的能力。请不要忽视句法学习的i地位,尤其是其对阅读和写作的作用。它不仅可以使我们正确的理解句子结构,抓住句子的要点,还能帮助我们写出复杂、漂亮的长句。 我们学习英语语法的目的就是运用语言。我认为语言学习就像是一个支柱。当我们无法行走或遇到困难时,会想到它。普通人不会也不应该总是想着简单的运用句法学。当我们想将自己的英语能力上升到更高的层次时,我们必须借助这个方式。 二、主体 1. 对传统英语语法学习的分析 许多人提到对于英语学习者来说,面临的一个难题就是英语语法

的学习。(菲利普唐宁街安吉拉L,2006)语法之所以很难不仅仅因为该系统庞大、复杂、记忆量大,也源于学习者不知道该如何开始语法学习。语法书中大多数这样的系统都被有秩序的编纂成名词、冠词、代词以及动词、形容词、副词、介词、连词、动词(词组)、动词时态和非谓语动词。情态动词和语气词、复杂句、省略句、反意疑问句、交流英语等等。 该陈述将对句法学习者产生一定影响,但对基础差的学习者将会造成一定的困难。词汇学是任何一种语言的基本单位,英语也不例外。每个人在日常的谈话、工作、读书、读报、写作中,根据惯例都会用到具体的单词或词组。但当前的语法书侧重点主要在词汇而非句子,其侧重于单词间的互相使用,而不是如何恰当的运用单词以造句。 此外,传统的教授语法的方法是老师仔细地解释,学生安静的听。这是对理论的运用而非实践教学法。教师和学生习惯了多项选择的测试模式以巩固对语言知识的学习,同时,这似乎也是教师和学生之间默认的一种理解方式。 然而,这种方式的语法教学并不是最好的训练方法。首先,能记住语法知识并不能保证正确使用语言。语言教学并不是我教你,也不是我教你听。我们不能像学习游泳、踢足球那样,用听的方式学习语言,学习一门语言必须投入大量的工作。该方法可以引导学生掌握语言知识,而不是养成使用语言的能力。 其次,学生主观上并不能反映这一过程,教师依然是课堂的主导者。学生的活力和兴趣并没有被吸引,他们身心的一些特质都没有被


中考语法综合练习 一、用所给动词的适当形式填空: 1、Tom (be) in Paris since 2 years ago. 2、I (be) to the Great Wall twice. 3、My uncle (be) in this city for many years. 4、We (visit) our teacher already. 5、 May (go) home yet? 6、He (read) the book 3 times. 7、They just (leave) the farm. 8、She (not play) football these days. 9、My friend (see) the film before. 10、He never (meet) a foreigner. 11、He (give) you the answer as soon as he (come) back. 12、There (be) a meeting tomorrow. Please (come) on time. 13、My mother (work) for 3 years. 14、 (be) there much snow last winter? No, there (not). 15、We (start) at 10 if it (stop) raining. 16、The plane (take off) in a moment. 17、It (rain) for 3 days. There are too much rain is year. 18、How long you uncle (live) in Beijing.


Fill in the blanks and translate sentences into Chinese. 1.The ocean is heating up. That’s the conclusion of a new study ____ finds that Earth’s oceans now absorb heat at twice the rate they did 18 years ago. 2.In particular, _____(attribute) poor performance ___ a lack of ability depresses motivation more than does the belief that lack of effort is to blame. 3.About 35 percent of the heat _____ (take)in by the oceans during the industrial era now residents at a depth of more than 700 meters, the researchers found. 4.The extensive data sources, ________(combine) with computer simulations(计算机模拟), created a timeline of ocean temperature changes, including cooling from volcanic outbreaks and warming from fossil fuel emissions. 5.Disagreements on such matters can understandably cause problems. If parents are angered by their daughter’s divorces, dislike her new husband, and disapprove of how she is raising their grandchildren, chances are that they are not going to enjoy her visits. 6.Moreover, most adult children provide every bit as much care and support to their aging parents as was the case in the “good old days” , and most older people do not feel _______ (abandon) 7.无数宽敞美丽的庭院藏身于屋舍之间,游客们每到一处都会有惊喜的发现。 (翻译) 8.Gamification(游戏化) is about understanding what it is that makes games engaging and what game designers do to create a great experience in


初中英语语法测试100题 1.—How many ________ are there in your school, Tom —Two. A.Japanese B.American C.Germen D.Australian 2.________ room is big and bright. They like it very much. A.Tom and Sam B.Tom's and Sam C.Tom and Sam's D.Tom's and Sam's 3.The students didn't find much _______ about the topic on that website. A.report B.article C.information D.story \ 4.There are many ________ at the foot of the hill. A.cow B.horse C.sheep D.fish 5.They are from ________. They're ________. A.Germany; Germans B.Germans; Germany C.German; Germany D.Germany; Germen 6.—What would you like to drink, girls —________, please. A.Two glass of water B.Two glass of waters C.Two cups of tea D.Two cups of teas ~ 7.Kate is ________ girl. She's very happy at school. A.a eighteen-year-old B.an eighteen-year-old C.an eighteen-years-old D.a eighteen-years-old 8.In our school, there are fifty-five________. A.women teachers B.woman teachers C.women teacher D.woman teacher 9.My cousins have collected stamps for two years. They have ________ stamps from different countries. A.a little B.many C.much D.little … 10.________ of the twins went to watch Peking Opera last Sunday. They were staying at home all that day. A.Either B.Both C.Neither D.None 11.There is _________ in today's newspaper. I am bored. A.new nothing B.new something C.nothing new D.something new 12.The old man has two sons. One is a worker; ________ is a teacher. A.another B.other C.others D.the other 13.There is some salt in the bowl. Please pass ________ to me.


专四词汇语法练习(24) 1. If only the arbitration court ____ the dispute. A. resolve B. will resolve C. can resolve D. would resolve 2. I advise you ____ of ____out such a dangerous plan. A. to stop to think... carry B. to stop thinking... carrying C. to stop thinking... carry D. to stop thinking... to carry 3. She bought ___plates. A. one dozen beautiful pale blue dinner B. one dozen pale blue beautiful dinner C. beautiful one dozen pale blue dinner D. one dozen dinner beautiful pale blue 4. More and more advanced farm machines ____ , the agricultural production increased tremendously. A. using B. having used C. having been used D. to have been used 5. I think you are supposed ____ your graduate study last year. A. to be finishing B. to have finished C. to finish D. to have been finished 6. The paper ____ several persons are risking their lives is an important report on missiles. A. after which B. for which C. with which D. at which 7. The actress is not so beautiful ____ the press described in advance. A. that B. which C. as D. what 8. The protection device can eliminate the faults ____they cause more damage. A. unless B. until C. before D. although 9. All ____is peace and progress. A. what is needed B. for our needs C. the thing needed D. that is needed 10. ____he was aware of the real meaning of life. A. That was from that book B. It was that book which


P4 grammar focus 1、怎么了?我胃痛。下次你不应该吃这么多。 2、Ben怎么了?他伤到了自己。他背痛。他应该躺下休息。 3、你发烧吗?是的,我发烧。/不,我不发烧。/我不知道。 4、他牙痛吗?是的,他牙痛。他应该去看牙医,拍一张X光照片。 5、她应该怎么办?她应该量体温。 6、我应该在上面敷些药吗?是的,你应该。/ 不,你不应该。 P12 语法聚焦 1、我想帮助无家可归的人。 2、你可以请求医院让你去看望孩子们,让他们振作起来。 3、她自愿一去周去那里一次帮助孩子们学习阅读。 4、她决定尝试参加一个志愿者课外阅读项目。 5、马里奥认为,这可以帮助他得到未来梦想的工作。 6、我在制作-些标牌张贴在学校周围。 P20 语法聚焦 1、我可以和朋友们出去吃饭吗?当然可以,那应该是可以的。 3、我们可以看完电影后去买些喝的吗?不,你不能。你明天有一场篮球赛。 3、请你带着狗去散步好吗?好的,但我想先看个节目。 4、请你倒一下垃圾好吗?好的,当然可以。 P28 语法聚焦 1、你看起来很累。怎么了?昨晚我一直学习到半夜,因此睡眠不足。 2、我该怎么办?你为什么不忘掉它呢?虽然她错了,但这没什么大不了的。 3、他应该做些什么?他应该跟他的朋友谈一谈,以便他可以说他很抱歉。 4、也许你可以去他家。我想我可以,但我不想让他吃惊。 P36语法聚焦 1、昨天晚上八点你在干什么?我在洗操。 2、暴风雨来临时她在干什么?她在做作业。 3、暴风雨来临时他在干什么?暴风雨来临时,他在图书馆读书。 4、当雨开始下大时, Ben在干什么?开始卜雨时, Ben在帮妈妈做晚餐。 5、当琳达在睡觉时,Jenny在干什么?当Linda在睡觉时, Jenny在帮玛丽做作业。 P44语法聚焦 1、故事是怎样开始的?从前,有位老人…… 2、接下来发生了什么?这个人一说完,愚公就说他死后他的家人可以继续移山。


英语语法测试100题 1.She likes _______ better than hers. A. he and I B. his and mine C. his and my D. his and me 2.You may come on Monday or Tuesday. ______ day will do. A. Both B. All C. Either D. One 3.We promise to help ______ get good jobs after graduation. A. to each other B. another one C. one another D. every another 4._______can prevent us from devoting our life to science. A. Everybody else B. Nothing else C. Other nobody D. Anything else 5.Fifty days ______ a long time for Mary, who never separated from her child. A. is B. was C. are D. were 6._______ of his share my opinions so they have ______ in common to discuss. A. Few, little B. A few, little C. Few, a little D. A little, a few 7.They saw ______ in that room. A. a large amount of furniture B. many funitures C. a large amount of furnitures D. few furniture 8.After four years in Canada, she got ________. A. a degree of doctor B. a doctor’s degree C. the degree of a doctor D. a doctor degree 9.Statistics______that the number of housewives who work part-time has increased in the past few years in the U.S. A. show B. shows C. has showed D. showed 10. _______ do you have for your student? A. How much evidence B. How much evidences C. How many evidence D. How many evidences 11. It was _______ that we went swimming. A. a so hot day B. so hot day C. so hot a day D. a such hot day 12. She is kind and _______ toward old people. A. considerable B. considered C. considerate D. considering 13. After his latest affair, Clinton hardly seems _____ as a president. A. credible B. creditable C. credulous D. credulity 13. I can’t believe that he played such a _______ trick on me. A. contemptible B. contemporary C. contemptuous D. contemplative 14. All the characters in this book are ______. A. imaginary B. imagined C. imaginative D. imaginable 15. Some people are _______ to odors, pollen and even light. A. sensible B. sensing C. senseless D. sensitive 16. This shirt too small for me, I want to try on _______. A.something larger B. something large C. larger something D. large something


专四词汇语法练习(2) 1. How do you ____ for coming late for the meeting A) explain B) excuse C) describe D) account 2. The mother was so ____ at the news that she didn’t know what to do. A)admired B) amazed C) amused D) curious 3. He likes to listen to music with the radio turned on at full ____. A) power B) voice C) volume D) sound 4. The coach must take a large ____ of the blame for the failure of the football match. A) quantity B) number C) share D) amount 5. Although alone in the house, he was so busy with his research that he felt____ lonely. A) all but B) nothing but C) something but D) anything but 6. The introduction of modern technique from abroad makes it necessary for skilled workers to ____ unskilled workers. A) take place B) take over C) take down D) take the place of


综合测试 ?综合过关测试 1.Mr. Bush is on time for everything. _____ can it be that he was late for the opening ceremony? A. How B. Why C. What D. Whether 2._____ the doctors really doubt is _____ my mother will recover from the serious disease soon. A. What…that B. What…whether C. That…that D. That…whether 3.Do you think _____ is no possibility _____ Tom can win the first prize in the contest? A. there…whether B. there…that C. it…whether D. it…that 4.Jean Goodall made up her mind to dedicate all she had to _____ the chimpanzees in the open air. A. observe B. having observed C. have observed D. observing 5._____ what you can and many poor people will spend the cold winter warmly. A. Donating B. To donate C. Having donated D. Donate 6.You won’t succeed in the end _____ you don’t give up halfway! A. even though B. as though C. as long as D. as far as 7.Having suffered heart trouble for years, Professor White _____ take some medicine with him _____ he goes. A. must…where B. must…wherever C. has to…where D. has to…wherever 8.He hesitated for a moment _____ he kicked the ball, otherwise he would have scored a goal. A. until B. after C. before D. unless 9.- I enjoyed the food very much. - I’m glad you like it. Please drop _____ you like. - Yes, I will. A. each time B. every time C. in any time D. at any time 10._____ you do, you should put your heart into it. A. However B. How C. Whatever D. What 11.The rubber plantation extends _____ the river. A. as long as B. as far as C. so far as D. as well as 12.You might as well figure out some situations _____ you may meet with in your business. A. that B. where C. lest D. in case 13.Word that they failed to pass their driving test discouraged their boss, _____? A. did they B. didn’t they C. didn’t it D. did it 14.Under no circumstances _____ in such a meaningless discussion. A. did he participate B. participated he C. he participated D. he did participate 15.Recently I bought an ancient Chinese vase, _____ was quite reasonable. A. which price B. of which the price C. price of which D. in whose price 16.I know nothing about the young lady _____ she came from Beijing.


专四词汇语法练习(13) A 1. A) 【句意】由于铝总是和其它元素结合在一起,最常见的是和氧气在一起,所以自然界中哪里也不会找到单独的铝元素。 【难点】owing to 是介词,后应接名词或动名词,根据题意,应接被动语态形式。 C C. what, which 2. C) 【句意】当今的物理就是以前被称之为自然哲学的等同物,大多数现代科学都产生于自然哲学。 【难点】what used to be called作定语,修饰natural philosophy,from which引导一个非限制性定语从句。 A A. should you B. you should C. shall you 3. A) 【句意】你决不应该把小孩一个人放在家里。 【难点】on no account 意为“决不”属否定意义的词,引导倒装句,所以只有A)项正确。 B B. That the su 4. B) 【句意】太阳系的中心是太阳而不是地球这一事实被中世纪的教会认为是异端邪说。 【难点】That引导主语从句,全句的谓语是was considered. 5. The reason that his property was confiscated by the country, it _D that he was 5. D) 【句意】后来证明他的财产被国家没收的原因是,战争期间他参与了诈骗活动。 【难点】it turned out (to be)这里作插入语,意为“证明是…”。 6. I’d r A 6. A)

【句意】我宁愿你乘火车去,因为天气预报说明天将有大雪。 【难点】would rather 后接虚拟语气的从句,用一般过去时。 7. Einstein won the Nobel Prize in 1921 and enjoyed great fame in Germany until the rise of Nazism _A___ he was expelled from Germany because he was a Jew. 7. A) 【句意】爱因斯坦于1921年获诺贝尔奖金,在德国享有盛誉。后来随着纳粹主义的兴起,他被逐出德国,因为他是个犹太人。 【难点】关系副词when引导的定语从句修饰名词词组the rise of Nazism。 8. Nowhere but in the remotest region of the country __A__find a place to set 8. A) 【句意】他只能在最遥远的地方找个安身之处。 【难点】Nowhere是否定副词,位于句首引导倒装句。 A 9. A) 【句意】在车祸中,他的一条腿骨折,他连走路都不行,更不用说跑了。 【难点】let alone意为“更不必说”;not to mention意为“再加上”;that is to say意为“也就是说”。 B C. Disgracing 10. B) 【句意】失宠后,她过着完全隐居的生活。 【难点】disgraced在这里是过去分词作状语,表示伴随状态。 C 11. C) 【句意】有时,公共汽车检票员上车查票。 【难点】bus conductor意为“公共汽车售票员”;agent意为“代理人,中介人”;officer意为“军官,官员”inspector意为“检查员,视察员”。 B 12. B) 【句意】他很快恢复了健康。 【难点】recovery意为“恢复,复苏”,后接介词from;relief意为“宽慰,安心”;relaxation 意为“放松”;survival意为“生存”。 C A. While B. Even though C. Now that 13. C) 【句意】既然考试的紧张已经过去,我们现在可以放松了。 【难点】now that意为“既然;由于”,用于新的事情的发生,接一般现在时的句子。while 意为“虽然”;even though意为“即使”,for意为“因为”,不能用于句首。


Ex 6E 1. 今天上午你干了多少活儿(work )How much work have you done this morning? 2. 开凿隧道需要大量劳力。(labour ) To dig a tunnel will need a great amount of labour. 3. 他做了最少的工作。(work ) He' s done the least work. 4. 处理这一问题有几种方法。(methods ) There are several methods of approaching this problem. 5. 我不懂多少法语。 I know little French. 6. 少说空话(empty talk )多干实事。(practical work )There must be less empty talk but more practical work. 7. 有许多人出席招待会吗 Were there many people at the reception? 8. 我可以跟你谈几句话吗(words ) May I have a few words with you? 9. 今天参观展览会的人数比昨天少。

There were fewer people today at the exhibition than yesterday. 10. 哈利犯的错误最少 Harry made the fewest mistakes. 11. 你读的诗( poetry )和做的练习( exercises )都比我多。You' ve learnt more poetry and done more exercises than I have. 12. 杰克做的工作最多,犯的错误也最多。 Jack ' s dnoe the most work and made the most mistakes. 13. 他做了很多工作,也犯了汗多错误。 He' s done a lot of work and made a lot of mistakes. 14. 百万富翁有许多钱财(money) ,也有许多烦恼。 A millionaire has lots of money —and lots of worries. 15. 安娜因为没有足够的钱财而烦恼丛生。 Anna has enough worries because sh e hasn ' t got enough money. 16. 每隔几分钟电话铃就响一次。 The telephone rang every few minutes. 17. 在过去这几天的寒冷日子里,我们一直在坚持实验。 We have been persisting in making the experiment all these last few cold days.

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