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1、Do you think going on diet is a good way to keep fit?

Why or why not?


Go on a diet can keep a good figure, but is not good for people's health, will lead to some diseases, such as gastritis. Keeping fit can be finished through some sports activities, such as jogging, swimming, mountain climbing, etc. So we not only have good figure at the same time also have a healthy body.

2、Explain the saying”She is a walking dictionary”.


It means she is a very knowledgeable person, if someone has a deep cultural background, you can use this sentence to express your admiration for him 3、What does “success” mean to you?In your opinion, how can an

ordinary person achieve success?

成功对我来说意味着我有能力为我的国家做出一份贡献,有能力使我的父母、妻子、儿女过上比较优越的生活。一个普通人如果想要获得成功的话,他必须要有一个正确的目标,并为之努力奋斗,如果他能坚持下来,那么他一定会取得成功。Success means to me I have the ability to make a contribution for my country, have the ability to make my parents, wife, children of a superior life

An ordinary person, if want to succeed, he must have a correct goal, and strive for them, if he can insist on down, so he is sure to succeed.

4、Do you think smoking is a problem that needs special attention

and has to be solved? If so, why?

每个人都知道吸烟是有害健康的,吸烟会使我们得肺部放生病变。如今,烟民的平均年龄正在急速下降,表明越来越多的青少年开始吸烟,所以我们的国家应该对其给予足够的关注,以保证青少年有一个好的身体,这样才能为国家做出贡献。Everyone knows that smoking is harmful to health, smoking will make us have to lung lesions. Nowadays, the average age of the smokers are falling sharply, shows that more and more teenagers start to smoke, so our country should pay enough attention to its, to ensure that the teenagers have a good body, so as to contribute to the nation

5、If you have extra money, what do you do with it?



If I have a lot of money, I will buy a big house in particular, so that I and my girlfriend, and both sides of the parents can live together, our life will be more colorful. May I go with my girlfriend home some tourist attractions to travel, enjoy the beautiful scenery of our country great rivers.

6、Can you tell us something about the activities organized by the

Student Union in your college?


A month ago, the school held a school basketball game, recently held a graduate student English contest of academic report, graduate student contest of information retrieval technology, optical design contest, etc.

7、What do you think of the importance of knowledge? Intelligence

and hard-working to one’s success?


Knowledge changes fate, there is no doubt that knowledge of a person to be successful is very important, its access to knowledge are many, such as books, network, the teacher's personal teaching. In the process of acquiring knowledge, intelligence will definitely play a role, but largely through diligent study, as long as a person willing to stick to a target ,struggle untiringly, is sure to succeed.

8、What qualities should a person possess to run a business?


Business require a shrewd mind, master certain professional knowledge, the diligent. At the same time as a businessman, should be honest and kind

9、What do you think colleges should do to help students finance

their education?


Schools can provide loans for family conditions difficult students, at the same time can provide financial aid for students, as well as scholarships for outstanding students

10、Explain the saying “In wine there is truth”.

意思是当一个人酒醉之后,往往会说一些实话。因为酒精的作用,使人自控能力下降,因此不容易说假话。当然任何事都不是绝对的。It m eans when a person is drunk, will often say some truth. Because of the effects of alcohol, make a man self-control ability decrease, so it is not easy to say lies. Of course everything is not absolutely right

11、What is your first consideration in choosing a part-time job?


In choosing a part-time job, I will first consider salary and whetherIam competent for the job, then I will consider if its a hard work and the safety factor

12、Do you know anything about Halloween? Say something about it.


Halloween on November 1, is the western traditional festivals. That night children will put on makeup suits, put on a mask, door-to-door to collect candy, Halloween has several food is essential: pumpkin pie, apple, candy, some places will also prepare the finest beef and mutton

13、How do you under stand ”Failure is the mother of success”?


When you do something, due to various reasons, such as the wrong time, ability is insufficient, lack of experience, you will fail, but once you understand the cause of the failure you will make the corresponding adjustment, such as master of time, improve their ability, experience. If so, perhaps you will succeed next time.

14、Would you like to find a job or continue yourstudy after

graduation? Why?


Learning is to master a certainability that they can contribute to the state, society, family and live a more comfortable life, if graduation of time to find a suitable job, satisfy the requirement of the above to be, I will not continue to

learn, if not, I will continue my study.

15、Nowadays, more and more Chinese people celebrate the

Christmas Day, the mother’s Day, the Valentine’s Day, etc. Some think

that Chinese people should observe only the traditional Chinese

festivals, such as the Dragon-Boat Day, the Mid-Autumn Day, etc., not

the western holidays. Take a stand and give your reasons.


Chinese traditional festival is China's outstanding traditional culture, is need to inheritance and celebrate, under the concept of global village, however, the Chinese people to accept foreign culture, like to celebrate foreign festivals also have not cannot.

16、When choosing a job, what factors influence you most?


In choosing a part-time job, I will first consider the salary and whetherIam competent for the job, then I will consider if its a hard work and the safety factor

17、Explain the saying:”He is the black sheep of his family”.


Means this man is the black sheep of his family, in the family moral character is bad, extreme profligacy, not look after the parents, raising children, etc

18、Are you for or against firecrackers ban during Spring Festival?


I don't approve of the ban on fireworks during the Spring Festival, but the location of setting off firecrackers should be restricted, people cannot optional fireworks, because random setting off firecrackers has fire hidden trouble 19、Nowadays many Chinese choose to study abroad. What do you

think is the main purpose of studying abroad?


The main purpose of studying abroad: first of all can learn foreign advanced science and technology, second can master a foreign language fluently, of course, learning a foreign language is to better learning a foreign scientific and technical services. Contribute to their country's rich and strong (powerful) 20、What do you think of the advantages and disadvantages of Golden



The advantage of the golden week is that people can choose to suit oneself in a longer holiday way to relax, such as traveling, enjoy the holiday at home. 21、Would you like to go abroad to study or not? Give us your


Though many students are crazy about going abroad to receive their higher education, I think studying home is preferable.Study home, you can stay with your family and old friends and you can enjoy the kind of friendship and comfortable family atmosphere which you can only dream of in a foreign university. So pursuing higher education at home is a more realistic choice. 22、Explain the saying: “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man

healthy, wealthy and wise.”


Early to bed and early to rise is good for people's health, late sleep bad for people's health, because people's organs after a day work, need to have a rest, such as various organs need to remove toxins on eleven to one. In one day in the morning, get up early is a good living habit

23、What do you think of the influence of foreign culture on students

studying abroad?


Students studying abroad will naturally under the influence of foreign culture, but they should not forget the motherland's traditional culture, should not forget wherehe was born in

24、Say something about the advantages and disadvantages of TV ads. 电视广告是一种较为有效的广告方式,覆盖面更加广泛。然而却使那些集中注意


Television advertising is a more effective way of advertising, the coverage is more extensive. However, It make those who watch the film audience trouble 25、How do Chinese students who study abroad finance their living

and studying?


Study abroad students, their learning and some cost of living is provided by the home, there are some students by their part-time jobs in their spare time to earn wages to complete the study and life

26、What does Internet mean to you? Talk about the present situation

of Internet in China and make some predictions about the

development of Internet in the future.


Network means a platform for me, I can understand through the network, all kinds of news, learn knowledge, chat with classmates, friends. The disadvantages of network in China's largest is teenagers addict network game, seriously hindered the healthy development of the teenagers.

27、What do you think is the real challenge of studying at college?


University study is usually more freedom, students can arrange his own study and rest time, more freedom also lead to more questions, self-control ability is poor students may not be active learning, such as they addict in network game, so the college life is the biggest challenge of self-study ability.

28、What is your favorite way of getting news? Why?


My favorite way is through the Internet to get news, because of the way to get news is more convenient, you can choose whatever time to look at the news 29、According to you, how to keep optimistic attitude towards life?


An optimistic attitude towards life requires us to have confidence, believe in yourself have the ability to complete something, have the rich spiritual life, to be good content, treats people be forgiving

30、Are the effects of Internet on today’s society positive or negative?

Explain your opinion by giving examples.


Today's social network has both positive effects and negative effects, positive effects are: people can through the network to learning and communication. Negative effect: a growing number of teenagers addict network game, is not conducive to the healthy development of the teenagers.

31、Can you recommend some specific ways to relieve ourselves from



Don't always see the bad side. Doing things easier, simpler and easier... Spend more time and optimistic person. Bother people together every day and can only let you also like to worry about here worry there. Assure enough sleep, if necessary, prepare an alarm clock to remind you to go to bed on time.

32、Explain the saying:”A journey of a thousand miles begins with a

single step”.


Go a long journey, from the first start. The success of the metaphor of things, is growing up gradually accumulated.

33、Why is learning English so popular now?

因为英语是世界使用最广泛的语言,世界上约有20个国家把英语作为官方语言或第二语言使用,共计约有8亿人。也就是说,世界上差不多每五个人中有一个人至少在一定程度上懂英语。英语已经成为当今世界数十个国家的官方语言,这些国家独占了全世界70%以上的财富… … 不懂英语就意味着跟这70%的机会无缘。

Because English is the most widely used language in the world, about 20

countries in the world speak English as an official language or second language use, a total of about 800 million people. In other words, almost every five people in the world there is a person at least to a certain extent, understand English. English has become the official language in dozens of countries in the world, these countries monopolize the fortunes of more than 70% of the world... ... Did not understand English means with this 70% chance.

34、Which way of communication do you think will be most popular

in the near future?

35、Explain the saying: “When it rains, it pours.”


This sentence is meant to, it doesn't rain for a long time, very not easy, it is the torrential rain overnight. Ifthe farmers meet this kind of situation will suffer. Later, this sentence is used to represent a lot of bad things appear together, is it never rains but it pours.

36、Do you think letters will eventually be replaced by E-mails?



Letters may be completely replaced by emaiin the future, because along with the network popularization, more and more people are using E-mail, at the same time email efficiently and has the advantages of its application is more widely used

37、Say something about economic development vs. environment



Economic development should not be at the expense of the break in the ecological environment, should be in the economic development on the basis of protecting the environment, human and nature should live in harmony, sustainable development road

38、According to you, how can people make best use of the Internet?


Network has its own advantages and disadvantages, makes full use of network needs us to use the Internet a good side, we can use the network to learn and communicate with friends and classmates, and should not indulge in the network, such as indulging in the virtual world of the network.

39、Do you take part in English corner? Are there any other ways to

improve our spoken English?


I haven't taken part in the English corner, perhaps because of my laziness, there are many ways to learn oral English, watching English movies, read English articles.

40、Explain the saying:”When in Rome, do as the Romans do”.


every place has its own local customs when in Rome, do as the Romans do is in one place will be integrated into the local customs and habits, such as Chinese students celebrate Christmas and Thanksgiving in the United States

41、Can you say something about any environmental changes in our

daily life compared with the environment in the past?

42、What do you think are the ways for the old and the young to

bridge the generation gap?

43、Which do you think is more important and more effective in

solving the environmental problems: governments? Regulations or awareness on the part of individuals?

44、How do you spend your spare time? Do you often watch TV, read

newspaper or go on Internet?

45、Say something about the advantages and disadvantages of living

in cities and living in countryside?

46、Explain the saying: “There is no place like home”.

47、Do you think there is shortcut in learning English? Why?

48、What do you think are the effective ways to slow global warming?

49、Should public figures’ privacy be exposed?

50、How would you understand the sentence “we have only one


51、Would you like to say something about test-oriented education vs

quality-oriented education vs quality-oriented education?

52、Some foreigners find that the practice of “one-child” policy goes

against the basic principles of human rights. Do you think it’s a good policy? Why or why not?

53、Which one is more important: acquiring academic achievements

or seeking work experience?

54、What do you think of blind date?

55、What’s your opinion about human cloning?

56、Could you explain the saying: In wine there is truth?

57、Could you tell something about the possible causes for generation


58、Tell us something about DINK family and nuclear family.

59、Could you explain the saying: An apple a day keeps the doctor


60、Could you tell me the importance of being healthy?

61、Going on a diet has become a fashion for women. Some say it is

worthwhile to go on a diet in the modern society. Others say it is meaningless for dieters to gain beauty at the expense of their health.

What is your opinion?

62、Some people say if you are healthy, you are happy; others think if

you are rich, you are happy. What do you think happiness is?

63、Should the father of the mother be the head of the family? What

roles do the mother and father play in China? And what about sons and daughters? Who is the boss in your family?

64、What do you think of the Chinese tradition that all children should

take their father’s surname? Should sons and daughters have equal inheritance rights?

65、Which one do you prefer: international marriage or marriage

within the same nationality?

66、Should parents decide their children’s marriage? Wha t are the

advantages of an arranged marriage?

67、Should people be allowed to get divorced? If not, how should they

resolve their problem? Why are divorce rates constantly increasing in China, and what could be done to stop this increase?

68、Some people believe o ne’s personality is related to one’s blood

type, do you think so?

69、Do you have a lot of friends? How important are friends to you ?

70、Who is your hero in this world? And why? What do you think a

hero should be like? Hardworking, handsome, intelligent, skillful, beautiful, creative, caring, kind, rich, determined, neat, or else?

71、When you look for a job, what factors do you think are the most

important? Good pay, convenient location, interesting work, friendly co-workers?

72、What is your ideal job? Do you have any experience of


73、Do you think a beautiful appearance is very important in finding a

job or a husband/wife? Have you considered taking plastic surgery?

What’s your attitude towards people taking plastic surgery?

74、Nowadays, stars make much more money than average people,

some think they deserve it, while others think they earn too much.

What is your opinion?

75、Many people travel during the Labour Day or the national Day.

And this make scscenic spots crowded with people. Do you think it is

a good idea that people choose to take their time off differently? Why?

76、Say something about the disadvantages of living in the city.

77、Talk about the most desirable personal qualities in a teacher.

78、Are women holding up half the sky in China? Do you think

women have been treated as equally as men? Give your reasons.

79、Family and career, which is more important to you? Why?

80、Which one do you prefer: receiving higher education at home or

studying abroad?

81、What has been your greatest accomplishment?

82、Describe your greatest strengths and weaknesses.

83、Tell me about a time when your course load was heaviest. How

did you get all of your work done?

84、Tell me about a time when you were creative in solving a


85、What kinds of people do you find it difficult to work with?

86、What are some of the things you find difficult to do?

87、How would you evaluate me as an interviewer?

88、Describe your best friend and what he or she does for a living.

89、Are you a happy person?

90、Do you have a career plan in 5 years?

91、Say a little about teamwork.

92、What do you think are the characteristics of a good parent?

93、Do you prefer to study alone on work assignment from class or to

study in group?

94、Which one do you think is better to help do research, internet of

academic books?

95、Computer has improved our lives while others think computers

have caused problems. What’s your opinion?

96、Which one acts more influence on you, newspaper, TV or


97、Describe a social or politics celebration events in our culture.

98、Is it important for students to attend class regularly or study by


99、Do you agree that we can judge a person by the appearance at the

first glance?

100、Which way do you prefer, getting advice from family and friends or learning through personal experience?

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