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2019届高三英语一轮复习 基础必备 Unit 5 Theme parks课时作业 新人教版必修4

Unit 5 Theme parks

2019届高三英语一轮复习 基础必备 Unit 5 Theme parks课时作业 新人教版必修4



1.We have various (vary) summer camps for your holidays.You can choose one based on your own interests.

2.Well preserved (preserve) in the nature reserve,pandas live a happy life.

3.When the children heard that their teacher came to life,the whole class came to life at once.

4.Venice is one of the great tourist attractions (attract) of the world.

5.Sam has gained the admission (admit) to a famous company.

6.The coastal areas have mild winters,but by contrast the central (center) plains become extremely cold.

7.This kind of friendly and harmonious atmosphere is unique to our company,and you can't experience it in any other place.

8.The bridge being built now is 500 metres in length.

9.Deeds (deed) are better than words when people are in need of help.

10.China has made great advances in science and technology in the past decade.


1.Don't worry.You can leave it to whomever is in charge of the fund raising activities. whomever→whoever

2.He is the top student in our school.There is no wonder he has been admitted to Beijing University. There→It

3.He is famous both as a novelist and poet but he is more famous as his novels. 第二个as→for

4.Based your opinion on what you imagine is a terrible thing.Based→Basing 5.In the near future,more advance in the robot technology will be made by scientists. advance→advances



答案:The author gave a variety of reasons for writing the book.

2.难怪孩子们喜欢参观农场。(no wonder)

答案:It's no wonder that the children love to visit the farm.

3.他不仅说得更正确,而且说的更容易。(not only放在句首)

答案:Not only did he speak more correctly but speaks more easily.


答案:Whoever wants to stay in the hotel has to pay the bill by themselves.

5.无论你去哪儿,你都会发现一些主题公园。(no matter where)

答案:No matter where you go,you'll find some theme parks.



Hearst Castle

Hearst Castle is a park on the central California coast and a National Historic Landmark.It was designed by Julia Morgan for William Randolph Hearst from 1919 until 1947.In 1957,the owner donated the fortune to the state of California.Since that time it has been a state historic park where its large collections of art and antiques are open for public tours.Despite its location far from any urban center,the site attracts roughly one million visitors per year.

Guided Tours

·Tour 1 is recommended for first-time visitors.It now includes the movie,Hearst Castle:Building the Dream.

·Tour 2 gives visitors a closer look at the main house's upper floors,Mr Hearst's private suite,the libraries,and the kitchen.

·Tour 3 looks at the Castle's North Wing,guest rooms and guest house Casa del Monte.

· Tour 4 includes the impressive gardens and grounds, the largest guest house, the wine basement,and the Hidden Terrace.

·The evening tour is a special tour that allows visitors to experience the castle at night as one of the Hearst's own visitors might have.

Ticket Prices

Hearst Castle accepts VISA,MasterCard,American Express and Discover. Free day-use parking is available for automobiles,motorcycles,tour buses and recreational vehicles.

2019届高三英语一轮复习 基础必备 Unit 5 Theme parks课时作业 新人教版必修4

2019届高三英语一轮复习 基础必备 Unit 5 Theme parks课时作业 新人教版必修4

2019届高三英语一轮复习 基础必备 Unit 5 Theme parks课时作业 新人教版必修4


While tickets may be purchased at the Visitor Center upon arrival,tour reservations can be made online now or by calling 1-800-444-4445.See below for times.

2019届高三英语一轮复习 基础必备 Unit 5 Theme parks课时作业 新人教版必修4

Visit http://www.doczj.com/doc/56c041e7a4e9856a561252d380eb6294dc8822ee.html for more information.

[语篇解读] 本文介绍了Hearst Castle这个旅游景点的相关信息。

1.Who does Hearst Castle belong to at present?

A.William Randolph Hearst.

B.Julia Morgan.

C.The Hearst Corporation.

D.The state of California.

解析:D [细节理解题。根据第一段中的“In 1957,the owner donated the fortune to the state of California.Since that time it has been a state historic park where its large collections of art and antiques are open for public tours.”可知选D。] 2.If you are quite interested in wine,which tour will you choose?

A.Tour 1. B.Tour 2.

C.Tour 3. D.Tour 4.

解析:D [细节理解题。根据第四种观光方式中的“the largest guest house,the wine basement,and the Hidden Terrace”可知选D。]

3.If a couple take Tour 1 with their 5-year-old son,how much will they pay for the tickets?

A.36. B.48.

C.60. D.75.

解析:B [数字计算题。根据Ticket Prices中Tour 1的一个成人的票价为$24可知,一对夫妇要花费$48,而成人带的孩子六岁以下的免费。故选B。]

4.Which of the following is the available time to book tickets by phone?

A.At 8 am on Monday in February.

B.At 9 am on Sunday in March.

C.At 7 pm on Friday in September.

D.At 6 pm on Saturday in October.

解析:B [细节理解题。根据第二个表格里的预订时间和日期可知选B。]


(2018·河南省实验中学检测)One of my fondest Christmas memories was also one of our family's bleakest(最令人沮丧的).We were just little kids,and on Christmas Day my mom __1__ us all around her to tell us,__2__ ,that there would be no presents because all we really wanted was to __3__ for our daddy.He was very sick.I don't remember anything else except four little girls surrounding my mother,crying __4__ a miracle(奇迹).

At that very moment,someone __5__ loudly on the door. __6__ him was a merry group of soldiers from the Army base where my father __7__as a minister.News had __8__ that we were in trouble,and his colleagues knew we needed some __9__ .With all the excitement,even my dad,__10__ in a blanket to keep warm,came down and sat in front of a roaring fire in our room to watch his children be __11__ by good Samaritans(乐善好施的人).The presents were unwrapped,and we girls __12__ packages and found a doll each and four board games.

What is __13__ to me is that I don't even remember what sickness my father was suffering from.I __14__ remember an evening of laughter and __15__ .There were no expensive toys but __16__ moments of friendship and fun given by young men who knew that a family was having a(n) __17__ time.They gave their time and their __18__ to little children who needed to laugh.The most important things in life aren't things.And what about the true __19__ of holidays? I hope we all are able to remember a thing about the holidays that stirs (搅动) our hearts,that isn't really a thing at all,but the smile on a child's face because we take a moment to hug or __20__ a tear.

[语篇解读] 本文是一篇夹叙夹议文。圣诞节前夜,母亲告诉“我们”,由于父亲卧病在床,所以今年没有圣诞礼物。但随后父亲的同事来看望父亲和“我们”,给“我们”带来了欢乐。通过这件事,作者向读者讲述了这样一个道理:生活的真谛是给别人带来快乐,帮助别人消除生活中的困难和不快。

1.A.requested B.commanded

C.gathered D.recommended

解析:C [根据该句中“all around her”可知,此处是指妈妈把“我们”聚在一起。C项意为“聚集”,符合语境。故C项正确。A项意为“请求”;B项意为“命令,指挥”;D项意为“推荐”,都与语境不符。]

2.A.in tears B.in doubt

C.in silence D.in surprise

解析:A [根据下文“He was very sick.”及“crying__4__ a miracle(奇迹)”可知。“我”的父亲病得很严重;由此可推知,母亲流着泪对“我们”说。这个圣诞节没有礼物。A项意为“流着泪”,符合语境。故A项正确。B项意为“怀疑”;C项意为“沉默”;D项意为“惊讶”,都与语境不符。]

3.A.apply B.pray

C.pay D.ask

解析:B [根据下文“He was very sick.”可知,“我”的父亲病得很严重,所以“我们”要为他祈祷,希望他早日康复。B项意为“祈祷”,符合语境。故B项正确。A项意为“申请”;C项意为“支付”;D项意为“询问”,都与语境不符。]

4.A.to B.with

C.for D.in

解析:C [根据语境可知,父亲病重,“我们”生活困难,连圣诞礼物都没有,所以只能哭着祈祷奇迹的出现。C项意为“为了,为了得到”,符合语境。故C项正确。] 5.A.knocked B.beat

C.tapped D.struck

解析:A [根据“on the door”可知,有人敲门。knock on the door为固定搭配,意为“敲门”。故A项正确。B项意为“敲门,打败”;C项意为“轻拍”;D项意为“撞击”,都与语境不符。]

6.A.Fighting B.Shooting

C.Running D.Following

解析:D [根据该句中的“was a merry group of soldiers from the Army base”可知,他后面跟着一队士兵。D项意为“跟随”,符合语境。故D项正确。A项意为“战斗”;B项意为“射击”;C项意为“奔跑”,都与语境不符。]

7.A.charged B.existed

C.governed D.worked

解析:D [work as为固定搭配,意为“以……身份而工作”;根据语境可知,“我”的父亲曾在那个军队基地中担任部长。故D项正确。A项意为“收费,掌管”;B项意为“存在”;C项意为“统治”,都与语境不符。]

8.A.expanded B.spread

C.distributed D.disappeared

解析:B [根据语境可知。“我们”家生活困难的消息传到了父亲的同事那里。B项意为“传播”,符合语境。故B项正确。A项意为“扩大”;C项意为“分发”;D项意为“消失”,都与语境不符。]

9.A.confidence B.cheer

C.trust D.wisdom

解析:B [根据语境可知,听说“我们”生活困难的消息之后,父亲的同事认为:“我们”需要欢乐。B项意为“欢乐,加油”,符合语境。故B项正确。A项意为“信心”;C 项意为“信任”;D项意为“明智”,都与语境不符。]

10.A.dressed B.attached

C.trapped D.wrapped

解析:D [根据该句中的“in a blanket to keep warm”可知,“我”的父亲裹着毯子来保暖。D项意为“裹着”,符合语境。故D项正确。A项意为“穿着”;B项意为“贴上”;C项意为“诱捕”,都与语境不苻。]

11.A.persuaded B.saved

C.taught D.entertained

解析:D [根据下文“remember an evening of laughter”可知。“我们”被这群善良的人逗乐了。D项意为“娱乐,逗乐”,符合语境。故D项正确。A项意为“说服”;B 项意为“挽救”;C项意为“教”。都与语境不符。]

12.A.discovered B.sought

C.unfolded D.packed

解析:C [根据下文“and found a doll each”可知,“我们”打开了礼物。C项意为“打开”,符合语境。故C项正确。A项意为“发现”;B项意为“寻找”;D项意为“打包”,都与语境不符。]

13.A.strange B.frightening

C.useful D.encouraging

解析:A [根据该句中的“that I don't even remember what sickness my father was suffering from”可知,令“我”感到奇怪的是,“我”甚至不记得爸爸生的是什么病了,“我”只记得那天晚上的笑声和快乐。A项意为“奇怪的”,符合语境。故A项正确。B项意为“使惊恐的”;C项意为“有用的”;D项意为“鼓励的”,都与语境不符。] 14.A.seldom B.just

C.even D.hardly

解析:B [根据语境可知,“我”甚至忘记了爸爸生的是什么病,只记得那天的笑声和快乐。B项意为“仅仅”,符合语境。故B项正确。A项意为“很少”;C项意为“甚至”;


15.A.happiness B.surprise

C.doubt D.anxiety

解析:A [根据语境可知,此处所填词应与“laughter”并列。A项意为“幸福,快乐”,符合语境。故A项正确。B项意为“惊奇”;C项意为“怀疑”;D项意为“焦虑”,都与语境不符。]

16.A.shocking B.priceless

C.worthless D.beneficial

解析:B [根据该句中的“There were no expensive toys but”及上下文语境可知,父亲的同事带来的快乐是无价的。B项意为“无价的”,符合语境。故B项正确。A项意为“令人震惊的”;C项意为“不值钱的”;D项意为“有益的”,都与语境不符。] 17.A.relaxing B.great

C.ordinary D.tough

解析:D [根据第二段中的“we were in trouble”并结合上文语境可知,“我们”家正处于困难时期。D项意为“艰难的”,符合语境。故D项正确。A项意为“放松的”;B 项意为“伟大的”;C项意为“普通的”,都与语境不符。]

18.A.praise B.treatment

C.attention D.response

解析:C [根据该句中的“their time and their”可知,此处所填词应与“time”相呼应,由此可知,他们投入了时间给了孩子们更多的关注。C项意为“关注”,符合语境。故C项正确。A项意为“表扬”;B项意为“对待”;D项意为“回答,响应”,都与语境不符。]

19. A.theme B.spirit

C.principle D.theory

解析:B [根据下文“I hope we all are able to remember a thing about the holidays that stirs(搅动)our hearts”可知,“我”希望“我们”都能记住假期里发生的打动人心的事情,那才是假期的精神。B项意为“精神”,符合语境。故B项正确。A项意为“主题”;C项意为“原则”;D项意为“理论”,都与语境不符。]

20.A.wipe away B.deal with

C.write about D.burst into

解析:A [根据上文中的“an evening of laughter”及“the smile on a child's face”可知。孩子们擦去脸上的泪水。A项意为“擦掉”,符合语境。故A项正确。B项意为“处理”;C项意为“书写”;D项意为“(情绪的)突然发作”。都与语境不符。] Ⅲ.短文改错(导学号02516178)

I believe anyone can make themselves something good to eat.Cooking is a lot of easier for us than most of us http://www.doczj.com/doc/56c041e7a4e9856a561252d380eb6294dc8822ee.htmlst Sunday my parent were away on business.I left alone,with no one to cook for me.As I had a good chance to cook myself a wonderful meal.Early in the morning I went to the market,buying some beefsteak and tomatoes and then came back.Before cooking,I put a few oil,salt and sugar on the steak and mixed it together.When the pot was hotter enough I began to fry the steak.Then I cooked some tomato soup with the egg in it.The food tasted deliciously!


2019届高三英语一轮复习 基础必备 Unit 5 Theme parks课时作业 新人教版必修4

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