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21. His children were his pride, and being a devoted father became a top ______ in his life.

A. capacity

B. anxiety

C. priority

D. opportunity

22. This raw chocolate tastes pretty delicious due to ______ amount of melted pure fresh cream.

A. equal

B. generous

C. insufficient

D. tiny

23. The Party could have stated ______ their policy was on this matter, but the voters only received a very dusty answer.

A. why

B. when

C. whether

D. what

24. Why do many students stick to private tutoring _____ they could easily master such knowledge at school?

A. unless

B. before

C. after

D. when

25. When the organization ______ in March, 2019, there was almost no money in the bank and more than $1 million of debt.

A. folded

B. boomed

C. registered

D. sprang

26. We can find beautiful light in the other person, which may be precisely what we _____ for all along.

A. are searching

B. will search

C. have been searching

D. have searched

27. The customs officers were insisting that suitcases should be opened and their contents _______ for closer inspection.

A. laid out

B. given out

C. sent out

D. picked out

28. Scientists have introduced a new model of 3D printer, ______ differs from the existing ones in certain aspects.

A. as

B. which

C. who

D. that

29. I am so thrilled to have my underwater photos ______ in the National Geographic and on the cover!

A. to be featured

B. featured

C. being featured

D. to feature

30. If the new security system ______ into effect, such accidents would never have happened.

A. would be put

B. were put

C. should be put

D. had been put

31. Lucia impressed her peer students with her musical talent, as well as several foreign languages ______.

A. on her own

B. under her control

C. in her charge

D. at her command

32. Many writers are drawn to building a world, _____ readers are somewhat familiar with but also feel distant from our normal lives.

A. it

B. one

C. that

D. the one

33. Hardly ever ______ so many choices for young people entering the workforce as there are today.

A. there are

B. there have been

C. have there been

D. are there

34. ---Sir, I’m late because my car broke down on the way.

---_____. I’ve had enough of your excuses.

A. Cut it out

B. Suit yourself

C. You can’t be serious

D. It makes sense

35. ---Thank God I passed the interview yesterday. I was sweating heavily.

---Me too. I ______ when I was sitting outside waiting.

A.looked down my nose

B. let my hair down

C. had butterflies in my stomach

D. chanced my arm




My kids sit in Gee’s living room and cautiously lift antique Christmas ornaments(饰品) out of a well-loved cardboard box. Gee stands beside them, quietly 36 each treasure. She tells me that she and Tom built their ornament 37 piece by piece during each year’s after-Christmas sale. She 38 as we leave with the box. Her precious treasures, gathered over a lifetime, have found a new 39 .

We first met Tom and Gee in the early days of our marriage. Someone had been 40 our garbage cans to the garage each garbage day, and Jim and I had 41 who. Then one day we 42 him: an elderly man who lived across the street.

I baked cookies and left them on a stool outside the garage with a thank-you note. When we got home from work that day, a typed letter had 43 the gift. The letter was from Tom and explained how he had come to walk the neighborhood on garbage day, returning cans for people he 44 knew. Back when he’d been fighting a war I wasn’t 45 to see, his young wife, Gee, had found herself living alone. Neighbors had taken the time to handle her garbage cans 46 she didn’t have to, and he never forgot. Now he 47 it forward by doing the same for all of us.

A few years after we’d moved in, Tom 48 . We photocopied that 49 and attached it to one of our own for Gee. We told her how 50 Tom had been to us and how we grieved for her. She wrote back and told us she 51 talked to Tom every day. When Gee invited us over to look through Christmas ornaments, I realized how hard it must be to 52 with that box, a piece of Tom.

Jim and I agree to 53 our tree with Gee’s ornaments this Christmas, out of the box that is 54 in Tom’s handwriting. Maybe I’ll talk to him just as Gee still does. Thank you, I’ll say, for teaching us what it 55 to be a neighbor.

36. A. confirming B. explaining C. revealing D. touching

37. A. shelf B. basement C. art D. collection

38. A. smiles B. weeps C. sighs D. hesitates

39. A. home B. destination C . function D. chance

40. A. distributing B. exposing C. returning D. attaching

41. A. discovered B. wondered C. foreseen D. investigated

42. A. spotted B. impressed C. acknowledged D. grasped

43. A. answered B. replaced C. delivered D. rewarded

44. A. especially B. thoroughly C. previously D. barely

45. A. willing B. voluntary C. alive D. keen

46. A. so B. before C. because D. if

47. A. brought B. carried C. paid D. pushed

48. A. survived B. withdrew C. retired D. died

49. A. note B. gift C. letter D. treasure

50. A. grateful B. close C. special D. superior

51. A. still B. even C. just D. ever

52. A. live B. finish C. go D. part

53. A. supply B. manage C. decorate D. arm

54. A. drafted B. labeled C. signed D. preserved

55. A. reflects B. desires C. anticipates D. means




A. A special discount

B. The best deal

C. The lowest rate

D. Cheapest nonrefundable rate.

57. According to the passage, the preferred way to get the best hotel deal is to _____.

A. call the target hotels to bargain with the staff.

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