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Ads A B C

Price/ week $ 650$ 800 76. $__________ Location (位置)In the country 77. __________Near transportation Bedrooms 78. __________One Two

We will choose 79__________ because 80__________



What is a hurricane?

You may already know that hurricanes are storms that can cause devastating(毁灭性的) wa ves, wind, and rain. They happen during “Hurricane Season,” which is from June 1st until November 30th in the Atlantic Ocean and from May 15th until November 30th in the Pacific Ocean.

Categories(类别)of Hurricanes

There are five categories of hurricanes, which are based on wind speeds. The categories help people know how much damage(危害) a hurricane may cause because the greater the wind speed, the more dangerous the storm. For example, a Category 5 hurricane has winds over 155 miles per hour, which are strong enough to destroy the buildings along the shorelines completely.

Hurricane Dangers

When a hurricane happens together with heavy rainfall, there can be a devastating flood. The centre of a hurricane is called the eye. While most of a hurricane has dangerously strong winds, the eye is actually(事实上) a calm area in the storm. When the eye of a hurricane passes over land, people might think that it’s over, but before long the wind and rain increase again as the second part of the hurricane moves through.

Hurricane Safety Tips

There is no way to stop a hurricane or make it change direction, so if you ever find yourself in the path of a hurricane, be sure to remember the following safety tips.

·Be sure you have a radio, batteries, fresh dinking water, and enough food.

·Tell neighbours, friends, and family members your emergency plans. Tell them where you’ll go if you need to leave your home.

·If you live near the ocean, leave your home and travel to a safe place. You could stay with a friend or a family member, in a hotel/motel, or in an emergency shelter area.

·Stay inside during the storm. You could be seriously injured(受伤) if you go outside.





George Stephenson was born in 1781 in a poor family. He had to start work when he was only eight. When George was fourteen, he became his father's helper. He spent a lot of time learning about engines. On holidays, he often took engines into pieces and studied each piece carefully. Soon he became a very good worker though he could not read or write.

He began to learn the English letters when he was seventeen years old. Every day after he did twelve hours of hard work, he walked a long way to have lessons from a young teacher.

On his eighteenth birthday, he wrote his own name for the first time in his life. George invented many things in his life. The train was the greatest one among them. Today when we watch or take trains from one place to another, we will think of this great man — George Stephenson.





How to beat sadness

We all have days when we are down, tired and unhappy. That’s OK. You need days like this, or how would you know you are happ y? You’ll enjoy your good days even more when you have a few bad days. Even if sadness is a part of life, let’s try to make it small. Here are a few simple ways to help you feel better when you are feeling sad.

1. Stand up straight and this helps your energy flow (流动). When your energy is flowing freely, you can flow too.

2. Smile! It’s easy to do and have good results. This way can not only leave you in a good mood but also bring others a good mood.

3. Listen to music. It can be your favourite music. Some kinds of music work better than others, so try and find out what kind of music works the best for you.

4. Take some “me” time. You can find pleasure in reading a book, watching a sunrise or having a hot bath, or something like that.

5. Exercise. Even something as simple as taking a walk will get your blood flowing. It is a great way to clear your mind of anything that makes you sad.

These ways will cheer you up when you are down, but don’t just use them when you are sad. Try and practice them every day to make them a habit. You will be surprised to learn that these simple ways will keep your sadness away. But if you are in a deep depression (沮丧), go to see a doctor.


【2011 山东烟台】


Bill Gates is head of the software company Microsoft and one of the world’s richest men. He was born on October 28, 1955 and grew up in Seattle with his two sisters. He was a very bright boy. Science and math were his two favorite subjects at school. And he dreamed of being a scientist.

Bill first started to play on computers at the age of 13. At that time, a computer was a very large machine. Once he was interested in a very old computer. He and some of his friends spent as much time as possible on computers. In the end, they worked out a software program. Bill sold it for 4,200 dollars when he was only 17.

In 1973, Bill went to HarvardUniversity. In 1975, Bill and his partners developed a software program called BASIC. This was not the first program ever created, but its inventors were the first to decide that people who wanted to use it should pay for it. BASIC was a success. Then Bill left Harvard to work for Microsoft, a company he started in 1975 with his boyhood friend Paul Allen. They thought the computer would come into every office and every home soon. So they began developing software for personal computers. They improved the software to make it easier for people to use computers. After many years of hard work, Microsoft becomes one of the most successful companies. And Bill Gates also becomes one of the richest businessmen in the world.





阅读下列短文,根据短文中的信息完成文后表格。在答题卡标有题号的横线上,写出空缺处所填单词的正确形式。(每空一词)‘USA? Britain? Which country is better to study in?’ We often hear such discussions. As China opens its door, it is a dream for many Chinese students to study abroad. They want to learn about the outside world.

It’s true that studying abroad can help students develop themselves. Their foreign language skills will be improved and it may be easier to find jobs.

But there are problems that should be considered. Language is the first. Students must spend a lot of time learning another language.

Students must also learn to live without parents’ care and deal with all kinds of things they haven’t had to do before, like looking after themselves. There are reports about Chinese students abroad running into an ocean of difficulties and giving up finally. When they have to take care of themselves, it is hard for students to study well.

Finally, studying abroad brings a heavy burden(负担)to the family. For most Chinese parents, the cost of studying abroad is very high. But is it worth it?

We know that there are many famous people who have achieved success through their hard work in China. Liu Xiang is a good example. Once an American teacher invited him there, but he refused. He kept training hard with his Chinese teacher. He surprised the world when he won a gold medal

at the Athens Olympic Games. So when you wonder which country is better to study in, think again.




K. L. Rothey, 71, from the United States, a retired lawyer Rothey has given himself the Chinese name of Luqi or "roadside beggar(乞丐) ". In his eyes, beggars are doing important work collecting rubbish. What they do is not dirty. Littering the street is, he adds.

Rothey first visited China in 1984 and soon he became interested in Chinese culture. Married to a Chinese calligrapher (书法家), he lived in Huangshi, Hubei Province.

Many people know him because he often shows up in the street collecting rubbish. " Huangshi is my home so I hope it becomes cleaner and more beautiful," says Rothey. He has also organized volunteers to collect rubbish in other cities, including Wuhan.

Rothey says he'll continue collecting rubbish, as long as he is able to.

Jill Robinson, 50, from Britain, founder(创立者) and CEO of Animals Asia Foundation.

She has been working for nearly 20 years to stop people from getting the bile( 胆汁)from moon bears for use in traditional medicine.

She began working for the International Fund for Animal Welfare in Hong Kong in the mid -1980s. A business trip to a bear farm in the mainland in 1993 changed her life. She saw so many moon bears killed by people. That made her cry. She said she would be back to set them free.

In 1998, she set up the Animal Foundation. In July 2000, the foundation agreed to free 500 farmed moon bears. In 2002, the Moon Bear Rescue(救援) Center was set up in Chengdu, capital of Sichuan.

Now, hear farms have been stopped in the area of two - thirds of China. "As much as we rescue them, they rescue us. These bears rescue us every single day and they teach us to be better people," Robinson says.