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21.If you are interested in cooking, you can go to __________.

A.Peterborough Museum B.Houghton Mill

C.Saxon Youth Club D.Farmland Museum

22.You want to watch the new play with your parents,so it will cost you __________.

A.£7 B.£17 C.£27 D.£20

23.Which of the following activities needs parents’ company?

A.Playing farmland games B.Watching a new play.

C.Competing in sports activities. D.Visiting the dinosaur exhibition.

24.If Tom comes to Peterborough for amusement on August 19,he will have __________ to choose from for himself.

A.one activity B.two activities

C.three activities D.four activities


Each week, this program explains the many meanings of English expressions. Today’s expressions include a very important word—“heart”. We will try to “get to the heart of the matter” to

better understand the most important thing about words and their stories. So “take heart.” Have no fear about learning new

expressions. Besides, popular English words can be fun. There is no need for a “heavy heart.” Such feelings of sadness would only “break my heart,” or make me feel unhappy and hopeless.

Now, let us suppose you and I were speaking freely about something private. We would be having a “heart to heart” discussion. I might speak from “the bottom of my heart, ” or say things honestly and truthfully. I might even “open up my heart” to you and tell you a secret. I would speak with “all my heart”.

When a person shares her feelings freely and openly like this, you might say she “wears her heart on her sleeve”. Her emotions are not protected.

If we had an honest discussion, both of us would know that the other person’s “heart is in the right place.” For example, I would know that you are a “kind-hearted” and well-meaning person. And, if you are a very good pe rson, I would even say that you have “a heart of gold.” However, you might have a “change of heart” based on what I tell you. Our discussion might cause you to change the way you feel about something.

But, let us suppose you get angry over what I tell you. Or worse, you feel no sympathy or understanding for me or my situation. If this happens, I might think that you have a “heart of stone.” And, if you say something to make me frightened or worried, my “heart might stand still”.

25.If you are not so happy, you may feel that ________.

A. you “have a heart of stone”

B. you have to “take heart”

C. you “break you heart”

D. you “speak from the bottom of the heart”

26.From the above passage we may see ________http://www.doczj.com/doc/cbef836e4a7302768e99397e.html

A. English words can all be used differently

B. some phrases do not have a fixed meaning

C. languages change with the time

D. the same word may have various meanings

27.What is the passage trying to impress the readers?

A. To explain how “heart” is used in phrases.

B. To show the author’s perfect English.

C. To tell English learners to learn English in phrases.

D. To advertise an English course.

28.Which of the following may serve as the best title of the passage?

A. A change of heart

B. Open up the heart of “heart”

C. Never let your heart stand still

D. Wear your heart on your sleeve


A gadget which makes water out of air could become the greatest household invention since the microwave.


Using the same technology as a dehumidifier(除湿器),the Water Mill is able to create a ready supply of drinking water because it can always get it from an unlimited source—the air.

The company behind the machine says not only does it offer an alternative to bottled water in

developed countries, but it is a solution for the millions who face a daily water shortage.

The machine works by drawing in wet air through a filter(过滤器)and over a cooling instrument which changes it into water droplets.It

can produce up to 12 liters a day.The Water Mill will also produce more water when storms pass over, as the amount of water which is contained in the air increases. In keeping with its eco-development, the machine uses the same amount of electricity as three

lights. Inventor Jonathan Ritchey said, “The demand for water is off the chart. So people are looking for freedom from water

distribution systems that are shaky and unreliable.”

The machine, which is about 3 feet wide, is likely to cost £800 when it goes on sale here in the spring. Its maker, Canadian Firm Element Four, roughly calculates that a liter of water costs around 20 pence

to produce.

Environmentalists state that half the world’s population will face water shortage because of climate change by 2080. One in five is said to lack access to safe drinking.

The Water Mill is not effective in areas where the amount of water contained in the air is below about 30 percent, but in Britain that won’t be much of a problem.

29.What does the underlined word “it” refer to?

A.Drinking water. B.Invention. C.Microwave. D.Water Mill.

30.What do we learn about the machine?

A.It works in the same way as microwaves.

B.It is very expensive for families to afford.

C.It absorbs wet air and turns it into water.

D.It helps to make the water clean to drink.

31.What does the passage lead us to believe?

A.The cost of water will go up. B.Bottled water will disappear soon.

C.The machine is energy saving. D.The machine will be popular worldwide.

32.What’s the best title for the passage?

A.A New Way to Solve Water Problem. B.A Machine to Make Water out of Air.

C.A Dehumidifier to Produce Water. D.An Absolutely New Invention


There is a boy in my gym cla ss (I’ll call him Bill) who has unbearably yellow teeth that almost make everyone feel unpleasant. Recently another boy told Bill that he should “go Ajax” his teeth. Bill was crushed. Had the other boy been thinking, he would have realized that there is a better way to handle such a situation. He

could have dealt with it with tact. He could have showed this hurtful truth in a more careful, sensitive way—that’s “tact”.

If a person isn’t sensitive to another’s feelings, there is no way he or she can be tactful. Yesterday, my 5-year-old brother

proudly announced that he had cleaned the screen on our television set. Unfortunately, he used furniture polish(亮光油), which produced an oily film on the television screen. My mother smiled and thanked him for his efforts—and then showed how to clean the screen properly. Her sensitivity enables my brother to keep his self-respect. Yet, sensitivity alone does not make tact.

“Tactfulness” also requires “truthfulness”. Doctors, for example must be truthful. If a patient has just been disabled in an accident, a tactful doctor will tell the truth—but express it with sensitivity. The doctor may try to give the patient hope by telling them curing techniques under study or about advanced equipment now available. Doctors must use tact with patients relatives as well. Instead of bluntly saying, “Your husband is disabled,” a doctor might say, “I’m sorry, but your husband has lost feeling in his

legs and…”

Tact should not be confused with trickery. Trickery occurs when

a nurse is about to give a patient an injection and says, “This won’t hurt a bit.” Instead of trickery, the nurse might guarantee the patient that the discomfort of the injection is a small thing compared to the benefits of it. It would also be thoughtful for the nurse to tell the patients about some of these benefits.

Tact is a wonderful skill to have, and tactful people are

usually admired and respected. Without tact our society would become an intolerable place to live in.

33.When told he should “go Ajax” his teeth, Bill probably felt


A.surprised B.cheated

C.regretful D.painful

34.According to the author, his mother’s praise for the brother is _______________.

A.both sensitive and tactful B.sensitive but not tactful enough

C.truthful but not tactful D.sensitive but trickish 35.The fourth paragraph mainly talks about __________________. A.how to comfort the patients

B.how to use trickery carefully

C.differences between trickery and promises

D.another feature of tact

36.Which of the following shows the structure of the passage? (The numbers stand for the paragraphs)



B. 2












Students today should do more reading. Indeed, the importance

of reading can never be too stressed. First of all, reading,

especial 76.

out-of-class reading, enrich our mind and broadens our

horizons. 77.

Through read, we learn what cannot be learnt in our classrooms.


Besides, reading is also a way of relaxation. This is very

refreshing 79.

to read a story before going to bed, or after a day of the

study. 80.

There were many famous sayings about reading, like

“Reading 81.

is to the mind that exercise is to the body”. Then how can we


develop the habit of reading? In the first place, I believe we need begin 83.

from an early age, and then stick on it and never give up. Secondly, we 84.

should read what we are interested and also what is proper for

us. 85.








注意:1. 词数20140词左右。

2. 邮件中不能出现本人真实信息。

Dear Phelps,





1—5 ABCCA 6—2014 CBAAC 11—15 BCCBB 16—17 CB

18.seventeen/17 19.died 20.necessities


21—25 ACDBB 26—30 BCDDA 31—35 CABDD


36—40 ABDCB 41—45 ACDAC 46—50 CBDBA 51—55 BCDAB


56—59 AACD 60—63 CDAB 64—67 CDAB 68—71 ACCB 72—75 DBDC


76.especial→especially 77.enrich→enriches 78.read→reading

79.This→It 80.去掉the 81.were→are

82.that→what 83.need后加to 84.on→to



One possible version

Dear Phelps,

I’ve learned it from the Internet that you want to make a Chinese friend from Chongqing. You want to learn something about Chongqing

for your summer trip here. I’m glad that you show such great

interest in Chongqing and I would like to tell you something about it and be your tour guide when you are here.

My name is Li Hua, a Senior Three student from Chongqing. Chongqing is a hilly city where two rivers meet. It boasts its long history and rapid development. Many people from abroad visit Chongqing. You can enjoy Chongqing’s world famous night view. You can visit the new Three Gorges. Oh, don’t forget to taste the delicious hot pot. I hope you will like Chongqing and have great fun here. I’m looking forward to your reply.

Yours sincerely,

Li Hua

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