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考点1 名词意义辨析

1. (2017·温州)I have the________ of reading before sleeping. It has been part of my life.

A. courage

B. chance

C. spirit

D. habit

2. (2017·鄂州) —The dishes in this restaurant must be very expensive.

—Don't worry. You can enjoy yourself. It's my________.

A. time

B. treat

C. task

D. taste

3. (2017·黄冈) —What's your prediction about the________ of our school basketball match next week? —I am sure Class 8 will be the winner.

A. teammate

B. result

C. information

D. player

4. (2017·安徽)The New Silk Road will offer a good________ for more nations to communicate.

A. chance

B. habit

C. question

D. price

5. (2017·南通)Dr. Ma has helped a lot of patients see again in the ________ of his life.

A. form

B. way

C. direction

D. course

6. (2017·青岛)Fruit is good for health, so I often have breakfast with one________.

A. candy

B. cake

C. banana

D. hamburger

7. (2017·泰安)It is accepted by everyone that knowledge is the most valuable________ for human beings.

A. standard

B. treasure

C. invention

D. instruction

8. (2017·武汉) —I wonder if you've made a decision on the project, Eric.

—Not yet. I can't make it until I have first-hand________ on prices.

A. news

B. knowledge

C. information

D. education

9. (2017·天津)Don't stand too close to North Americans. You'd better give them more personal________.

A. time

B. system

C. space

D. pity

10. (2017·广东)Daniel has tried to lose________ by eating less recently, but two kilos has been put on instead.

A. weight

B. weights

C. height

D. heights

11. (2017·荆州) —It's his new book, but I think it is more interesting than his other books. —I agree with you. His latest book is up to his highest________.

A. choice

B. standard

C. purpose

D. wealth

12. (2017·绍兴)Our school uniforms are out of________. We think young people look smart.

A. luck

B. sight

C. reach

D. fashion

13. (2017·台州) —The picnic is only in three days. Have you made any________?

—Not yet. So let's discuss what to prepare.

A. wishes

B. plans

C. mistakes

D. friends

14. (2017·德州) —Yesterday ,my father bought me a new mobile phone as a present, but I don't know how to use it.

—Why not read the________ first before using it?

A. expressions

B. applications

C. advertisements

D. instructions

15. (2017·菏泽)My teacher gave me much________ on how to study English well when I had some trouble.

A. advice

B. question

C. suggestion

D. problem

考点2 可数名词与不可数名词;名词复数形式

16. (2017·昆明)Many________ are playing an active part in making Kunming a civilized city (文明城市).

A. man

B. woman

C. volunteer

D. volunteers

17. (2017·南充) —Are you thirsty?

—Yes, please give us________.

A. three bottle water

B. three bottle of water

C. three bottles of water

D. three bottles of waters

18. (2017·广州)Yesterday for dinner I had a piece of beef,vegetables and________.

A. some rice

B. a few rice

C. a little rices

D. a rice

19. (2017·达州) —After PE,I often feel very thirsty.

—Why not buy some________ to drink?

A. bread

B. noodles

C. apple juice

D. teas

20. (2017·邵阳) —Mom, please give me two________. I want to make vegetable salad.

—OK. Here you are.

A. tomato

B. tomatoes

C. tomatos

考点3 名词所有格

21. (2017·武威)“It depends on my________ decision,”the mother said and looked at her two sons.

A. children

B. children's

C. child

D. child's

22. (2017·恩施) —Henry ,have you seen the English book on

the________ desk?If you see it,please take it to the________ office.


A. teachers';teachers'

B. teacher's;teachers'

C. teacher's; teacher's

23. (2017·苏州)The park is far away from here—indeed it's

about________ walk.

A. three hour

B. a three hour's

C. a three-hours

D. a three-hour

24. (2017·聊城) —Excuse me,is the museum far from here?

—No ,it's about________.

A. 5 minutes walk

B. 5 minute walk

C. 5 minutes' walk

D. 5 minute's walk

25. (2017·龙东区)It's time for me________ goodbye to my mother school. I will never forget all my________ love.

A. to say; teachers'

B. saying; teachers'

C. to say; teacher's




2.B 点拨:It's my treat.我请客。


4. A

5. D

6. C

7. B

8. C

9.C 点拨:space“空间”,为不可数名词。

10.A 点拨:lose weight减肥。

11. B

12.D 点拨:out of fashion过时的。


14. D

15.A 点拨:advice“建议”,不可数名词;suggestion“建议”,可数名词。much 修饰不可数名词。根据句意可知选A 。


16.D 点拨:many 后接可数名词复数形式。

17. C

18.A 点拨:rice 为不可数名词,无复数形式。


20. B



22. B

23. D

24. C

25. A


考点1 人称代词、物主代词和反身代词

1. (2017·天津) —Is this________ computer?

—Yes, it's________. My mother bought it for me.

A. you; me

B. your; my

C. yours; mine

D. your; mine

2. (2017·昆明) —Excuse me, what's your name?

—________name is Betty.

A. My

B. His

C. Her

D. Your

3. (2017·广东)Jessica used to be a manager in a company, but she gave up________ job when she became a mother.

A. she

B. hers

C. her

D. herself

4. (2017·北京)My father is a worker. ______is very kind.

A. He

B. She

C. His

D. It

5. (2017·河北) —Is this Kate's bicycle?

—No ,________ is under the tree. She put it there this morning.

A. his

B. hers

C. mine

D. yours

6. (2017·德州) —Did you enjoy________ in Chengdu last week?

—Yes, I had great fun there.

A. myself

B. yourself

C. ourselves

D. themselves

7. (2017·邵阳)She is new here. I don't know________ name.

A. hers

B. her

C. she

8. (2017·重庆) —How do you like the famous actor,Jackie Chan?

—Wonderful! I like________ very much.

A. he

B. his

C. him

D. himself

9. (2017·苏州)Dad doesn't always come to you. You have to fight and save________.

A. yourself

B. himself

C. myself

D. herself

10. (2017·南充) —Your uncle is very good at cooking! How did he learn it?

—He learned it by________.

A. him

B. himself

C. her

D. herself

考点2 不定代词和复合不定代词

11. (2017·武威)“Let us move a little faster. We do not have________ time left,”said the tour guide.

A. few

B. little

C. many

D. much

12. (2017·青岛) —Can I come today or tomorrow?

—________ is OK. I'm busy today and tomorrow.

A. Either

B. Neither

C. Each

D. None

13. (2017·武汉) —The frozen yogurt tastes like ice cream but

has________ of the fat.

—It suits me fine. I'm on a diet.

A. none

B. neither

C. any

D. some

14. (2017·黄冈) —Our classroom is so clean. Who's cleaned it,Li Fei?

—Sorry ,I don't know. I think________ did it before class.

A. somebody

B. nobody

C. everyone

D. anyone

15. (2017·龙东区) If you want to keep your teeth healthy, you'd better not eat________ a lot.

A. something sweet

B. anything sweet

C. nothing sweet

16. (2017·南通) —Hiking and swimming are good ways to relax.

—________are OK, I think, but I like jogging best.

A. Neither

B. Both

C. All

D. None

考点3 指示代词

17. (2017·鄂州) —Is this iPad yours?

—Yes. My parents bought________ for my language learning.

A. one

B. it

C. other

D. another

18. (2017·泰安) —I'm a little hungry, Mum!

—There are some apple pies on the table;you may take________.

A. it

B. this

C. that

D. one

19. (2017·恩施) —________cellphones in the shop are so nice.

—I want to buy________ so much.

A. The;it

B. /;it

C. The;one

20. (2017·龙东区)As for learning English, students________ read a lot can do much better than________ who don't.

A. who; that

B. which; those

C. that; those

考点4 关系代词与疑问代词

21. (2017·临沂)Roald Dahl was a great children's writer. His dark past helped him paint a picture ________ was different to most other writers'.

A. that

B. who

C. /

D. whom

22. (2017·呼和浩特)Mary ________ is my friend, as well as her sisters,________Chinese in China.

A. that; are studying

B. which; have studied

C. who; study

D. who; studies

23. (2017·黄冈) —Have you heard of HanselandGretel?

—Yes. Hansel is a smart boy________ often comes up with a good idea.

A. who

B. whom

C. where

D. which

24. (2017·东营) —________ is your father?

—He's an engineer in a big factory.

A. Who

B. What

C. Which

D. Where

25. (2017·孝感) —________will you ask for help when you are in trouble?

—My parents, I think.

A. Who

B. What

C. Where

D. When

考点5 冠词

26. (2017·青岛)Look! There is________ bottle on the table.

A. a

B. an

C. the

D. /

27. (2017·广东)I went to________ supermarket to buy________ birthday gift for my aunt yesterday.

A. an, a

B. a, a

C. the, /

D. /, the

28. (2017·孝感) —What do you usually have for breakfast?

—Some bread,________ egg and a glass of milk.

A. a

B. an

C. the

D. /

29. (2017·温州) —This photo makes me think of ________ trip to the Great Wall last year.

—Yeah, we had a great time there.

A. a

B. an

C. the D: /

30. (2017·泰安) —Do you know________ girl with long curly hair?

—Yes, she is Mary. She plays________ tennis very well.

A. a, /

B. the, /

C. the, the

D. a, the

31. (2017·武威)________moon is very bright at night.

A. A

B. An

C. The

D. /

32. (2017·天津)Shenzhen is on ________coast near Hong Kong. It was________ small village many years ago.

A. a; the

B. the; a

C. 不填;不填

D. the; the




2. A

3. C

4. A

5.B 点拨:名词性物主代词=形容词性物主代词+名词。

6.B 点拨:enjoy oneself玩得开心。


8. C

9. A

10.B 点拨:by oneself=alone 独自地。


11.D 点拨:few 和many 修饰可数名词,little 和much 修饰不可数名词。

12. B

13. A



17.B 点拨:it 特指上文提及的物品;one 泛指同类中的一个。


19. C

20. C


21. A






26. A



29.C 点拨:定冠词the 表特指。

30. B

31.C 点拨:世界上独一无二的事物名词之前用the 。



考点1 基数词与序数词

1. (2017·鄂州) —How old is your son?

—________. We had a special party for his________ birthday yesterday.

A. Nine, nine

B. Ninth, nine

C. Nine, the ninth

D. Nine, ninth

2. (2017·青岛)My father gave me a bike on my________ birthday.

A. ten

B. a tenth

C. the tenth

D. tenth

3. (2017·武威)There are twelve boys and thirteen girls in Class Four,which means________ students in total.

A. 33

B. 25

C. 13

D. 12

4. (2017·重庆)This Saturday is my________ birthday. Welcome to my party!

A. fourteenth

B. the fourteenth

C. fourteen

D. the fourteen

考点2 数词的常见用法

5. (2017·泰安)It is five years since we began to enjoy a________ spring holiday each year.

A. ten-day

B. ten day

C. ten day's

D. ten days

6. (2017·龙东区)________of the students in our class________ going to the summer camp in Beijing next week.

A. Two fifths; are

B. Second fifths; are

C. Two fifths; is

7. (2017·恩施) —Enshi is becoming a popular tourist destination now.

—I think so.________ people come here every summer vacation.

A. Hundreds and thousands of

B. Hundred and thousand of

C. Hundreds and thousands



3. B

4. A



6.A 点拨:表示分数时,分子用基数词,分母用序数词。



考点1 常见介词用法

1. (2017·鄂州) —What do you often do________ classes to relax yourselves?

—We often do some running or listen to music.

A. in

B. through

C. between

D. among

2. (2017·北京)More and more young people go skating


A. at

B. in

C. on

D. to

3. (2017·黄冈) —I haven't finished the report of JourneytotheWest . It's so difficult.

—You should hurry up. The report is due________ three days. B. for

C. on

D. at

4. (2017·河北)Just walk down this road and you'll see the museum________ your right.

A. on

B. in

C. at

D. by

5. (2017·苏州)Nora opened the box. To her surprise,________ it was a gold watch.

A. outside

B. inside

C. beside

D. behind

6. (2017·恩施) —Taiwan is an important part of China.

—Yes, it lies________ the southeast of China.

A. in

B. on

C. to

7. (2017·德州)A woman stood________ the window, watching the children playing games in the garden.

A. past

B. through

C. across

D. by

考点2 介词固定搭配及介词短语

8. (2017·安徽)To my pleasure, my family are always________ me whatever I decide to do.

A. above

B. behind

C. from

D. through

9. (2017·武威)The whole family were________ agreement about what they should do next.

A. about

B. of

C. in

D. on

10. (2017·昆明) —Hello, may I speak________ Mike?

—This is Mike speaking.

A. at

B. to

C. in

D. on

11. (2017·广东)It's very kind________ you to lend me your reusable shopping bags.

A. of

B. for

C. to

D. with

12. (2017·青岛) —Which is your new English teacher?

—The young lady________ red over there.

A. with

B. in

C. on

D. for

13. (2017·德州) —________, there must be life on other planets though none has been discovered.

—I agree with you. The universe is so large after all.

A. To my surprise

B. To be honest

C. In my opinion

D. Again and again

14. (2017·乐山) —Look in the mirror. What happened________ your face?

—Oh, there's some ink on my face.

A. to

B. on

C. in



1.C 点拨:between 强调两者之间。


3. A

4.A 点拨:on one's right/left在右/左边。

5. B

6.A 点拨:in the+方位词“表示在……内部”;on the+方位词“表示与……接壤”,to the+方位词“表示外部的方向。”

7.D 点拨:by 表示“在……旁边。”



9.C 点拨:in agreement“意见一致”。


11. A

12.B 点拨:in +颜色词表示“穿……颜色的衣服”。

13. C

14. A


1. (2017·天津)It's not always safe to pay over the Internet,

________you should be careful.

A. so

B. after

C. because

D. as soon as

2. (2017·安徽)Hold your dream,________you might regret some day.

A. and

B. or

C. but

D. so

3. (2017·山西)Our teachers have been with us for nearly three years________ we came to junior high school. We should thank them for what they have done for us.

A. until

B. before

C. sine

4. (2017·天津) —Which do you prefer, traditional Western

music________ pop music?

—Pop music.

A. but

B. as

C. or

D. from

5. (2017·武汉改编) —I don't like reading________ watching TV. What about you?

—I don't like reading,________I like watching TV.

A. and; or

B. and; and

C. or; and

D. or; but

6. (2017·恩施)Be careful! Don't walk on the grass,________it will “cry”.

A. and

B. but

C. or

D. so

7. (2017·福建)The scientist has failed in the test many times,

________he never gives up.

A. but

B. so

C. or

8. (2017·河北)Mom won't let Dick go out________ he promises to be back by 10:00 tonight.

A. if

B. when

C. since

D. unless

9. (2017·黄冈) —Do you think we should share our problems with our parents?

—Sure !________ we talk to them,we'll feel worse.

A. If

B. Although

C. Because

D. Unless

10. (2017·苏州)You will never achieve success________ you devote yourself to your work.

A. after

B. if

C. because

D. unless

11. (2017·温州)________the scientists have done lots of research on Mars, there is still much waiting to be discovered.

A. If

B. Since

C. Unless

D. Though

12. (2017·南充) —Mike, let's prepare for our baseball game.

—OK. We'll lose the game________ we try our best.

A. unless

B. once

C. after

D. since

13. (2017·泰安)I didn't believe I could do it ________ I got to the top of Mount Tai.

A. unless

B. until

C. after

D. as

14. (2017·龙东区)The TV play JourneytotheWest is________ interesting________ I would like to watch it again.

A. such; that

B. too; to

C. so; that

15. (2017·广东)“A white elephant”means something that is useless,________ it may cost a lot of money.

A. unless

B. until

C. since

D. although

16. (2017·邵阳)________Lily is only five years old,________she can swim very well.

A. Though; but

B. Because; so

C. Though ; /

17. (2017·恩施)Rose cooks meals at home on Sundays. She never eats________ her mother comes back and she'd like to enjoy it together.

A. until

B. when

C. after

18. (2017·荆州) —Keep working hard, Paul. You will surely realize your dream of being a writer________ you give it up halfway.

—I will, thank you, Miss Rowling.

A. unless

B. if

C. since

D. though



2.B 点拨:or 在此句中意为“否则”。


4. C

5. D

6. C

7. A


9. D

10. D

11. D

12. A

13.B 点拨:not...until“直到……才”。


15. D

16.C 点拨:although/though与but 不能同时用于句中。


18. A


考点1 形容词、副词的用法及辨析

1. (2017·青岛)Jenny is afraid to travel by plane. She always

feels________ when getting on it.

A. nervous

B. interested

C. relaxed

D. happy

2. (2017·温州)Robert is so________ that he even has no time to stay with his children at weekends.

A. busy

B. smart

C. serious

D. pleased

3. (2017·鄂州) —What an interesting story she told us!

—Yes, and her voice sounded________.

A. sweet

B. small

C. clearly

D. sadly

4. (2017·鄂州) —I'll be away for a long time.

—Don't worry. She can look after your pet________.

A. careful enough

B. enough careful

C. carefully enough

D. enough carefully

5. (2017·温州)Seeing a bird resting by the window, the boy moved________ to have a look at it.

A. politely

B. quietly

C. easily

D. safely

6. (2017·安徽)There are many beautiful places to visit in Anhui,________ Mount Huang in autumn.

A. simply

B. finally

C. luckily

D. especially

7. (2017·南充) —I know old Joe lives________.

—We are supposed to visit him from time to time. Then he won't feel________.

A. alone, alone

B. lonely, lonely

C. lonely, alone

D. alone, lonely

8. (2017·孝感) —Good news! I got the last ticket to the concert.

—How________ you are!

A. active

B. strange

C. lucky

D. funny

9. (2017·荆州) —It's________ to stick your chopsticks into your food while people are having dinner.

—I'm sorry. I won't do that again.

A. kind

B. polite

C. rude

D. proud

10. (2017·广东)We can collect rainwater when it rains________, and use it to water plants.

A. softly

B. heavily

C. noisily

D. quietly

11. (2017·黑龙江)My cousin is________ heavy because he often eats________ fast food.

A. much too; too many

B. too much; too much

C. much too; too much

12. (2017·荆州) —The boys are talking about the football


—Yes. They have so many fun things to share.

A. easily

B. happily

C. sadly

D. angrily

考点2 形容词、副词的比较等级

13. (2017·安徽) —What do you think of the movie?

—Great! I have never seen a________ one.

A. good

B. bad

C. better

D. worse

14. (2017·北京)The hotel is very old. It's one of________ buildings in the city.

A. old

B. older

C. oldest

D. the oldest

15. (2017·河北)Mr. Liu is a really nice person—the________ person I know.

A. nicer

B. nicest

C. happier

D. happiest

16. (2017·苏州)You are speaking too fast. Can you speak a


A. more slowly

B. most slowly

C. more loudly

D. most loudly

17. (2017·青岛)________we work at English, the better grades we will get.

A. Harder

B. The hardest

C. Hardest

D. The harder

18. (2017·邵阳)Mr. Smith said his son was as________ as his daughter.

A. hard-working

B. more hard-working

C. the most hard-working

19. (2017·德州)I've read through this book several times, but I will read it________ so as to get better understanding.

A. more bravely

B. less easily

C. less confidently

D. more carefully

20. (2017·乐山) —I can hardly see the words on the screen.

—Well, let's go and take the front seats so that we may see________.

A. clear

B. clearer

C. more clearly




2. A

3.A 点拨:此处sound 为系动词,后接形容词作表语。根据句意,可知选A 。

4.C 点拨:enough 作副词修饰形容词、副词时后置。


6. D

7. D

8. C

9. C

10.B 点拨:heavily 副词,修饰雨、雪大。


12. B



14. D

15. B

16. A

17. D

18.A 点拨:as +原级+as“像……一样……”。


20. C


考点1 动词和动词短语的用法辨析

1. (2017·安徽)It is necessary for schools to________ the need of all the students' development.

A. cut

B. hide

C. refuse

D. satisfy

2. (2017·荆州) —I don't know where to go this summer vacation.

—Why not________ visiting Jingzhou? There are many places of interest.

A. regard

B. consider

C. wonder

D. suggest

3. (2017·青岛)These oranges look nice, but________ very sour.

A. feel

B. taste

C. sound

D. look

4. (2017·天津)When you break the rules, you should________ to your teacher.

A. apologise

B. introduce

C. expect

D. compare

5. (2017·乐山)Murray plans to study art in the U. K. His friends

will________ him off at the airport next week.

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