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2016高考英语增分专练 语法填空集训(十二)




Passage 1

World Read Aloud Day is celebrated each year on the first Wednesday of March. It 41 (start) by the http://www.doczj.com/doc/5f99fd648bd63186bcebbcfb.html website in 2010 and has now reached 65 countries. 42 aim is

to encourage people worldwide who cannot read to enjoy the benefits of a book. The website asks

everyone 43 (celebrate) the day by taking a book, finding an audience, and reading

out aloud. It is about taking action to show the world that the right to read and write 44 (belong) to all people.

The website asks visitors to join in the movement to reduce 45 number of illiterate

(不识字的) people in the world. It is 46 (absolute) necessary to help those who

cannot read. The website says, "It's time to start by reading aloud to 47 might like

it. Share a book with a child who might need it, share a story with someone who would treasure

it, listen patiently 48 someone else's story as they share with you." The United Nations

says, "Literacy involves a variety of learning in enabling individuals to achieve their goals,

to develop their knowledge, 49

to participate fully in society." In that way, World Read Aloud Day does help make a 50 (different).

Passage 2

You may like reading novels for fun. But you need to get 61 (organize) if you are reading a

novel for school. Here _62 (be)afew tips.

First, pay attention to characters. What do they do in the novel? What do they want? Everything—63 is about a character can help us to understand him, from his__64(appear) to the

kind of food he eats.

Besides, the order of the story and the plot are 65 (equal) important. Make sure that as

you read, you make 66_ quick note of what happens in each chapter. This will help you bring

the things you have noticed about the character, setting, language and so on together. It's also

an enormous help for you to retell the story after you have read it.

Next, themes. They are ideas that a novel explores. _67 is a must to get the hang of the

theme if you want to fully appreciate the novel. Perhaps love is a major theme, or justice,

or 68 (survive).

Furthermore, novels are made up 69 language. Writers use language in a special way 70 (make) their novels work. They may use metaphors, invent symbols, or show different characters' personalities through their speech styles.

Passage 3

Two weeks before Christmas,two little girls were walking down the street 61t hey saw old Harry,who was on his knees pulling weeds from around a tree. He wore a pair of worn gloves.His fingers were sticking out 62 the ends,blue from the cold. They stopped to talk tohim.

Harry told them he 63 (get) the yard in shape as a Christmas gift for his mother,who had died several years before.“My mother was all I had. She loved her yard and trees,so I do this for her every Christmas."

His -words touched the girls and soon they 64 (join) him,pulling weeds. When they finished,Harry pressed a coin into each of their hands.“I wish I could pay you more,but that's all rve got right now,”he said.

The girls had often passed his house,and they remembered that it had always been 65 poor condition. No decorations to add cheeriness were anywhere in sight. As they walked on,the coin in one little girl's hand seemed to burn a hole of 66

(guilty).The next day she called her friends.67 they agreed to put their coins in a jar marked“Harry's Christmas Gift".Then they began to seek out small jobs to earn more.Every coin they earned went into the jar.

Finally,they had enough 68 (buy)new gloves. Christmas Eve found them on Harry's doorstep singing carols. They presented him with the gloves. With69 (tremble)hands,he held the gloves to his face and wept. No doubt he once again felt 70 love of others as the girls reached out to him.

Passage 4

A boy quarreled with his parents and ran away from home. He had a hard life 41__ any contact with his family for years. Later he wanted to go home 42__ he was afraid that his parents might not welcome him.

Finally he decided to write a letter to his father 43__(express) his desire to return home and begging his pardon. In his letter he asked his father to tie a white ribbon on the tree near

his house by the side of the railway lines if he was ready to welcome him 44 __home. If he did not see the ribbon on the tree, he would think that his family did not welcome him and then he would leave home forever.

He boarded the train and waited very 45 _ (nervous) as the train was about to pass by his home. To his great surpris e, the tree 46 _ (decorate) with hundreds of white ribbons, 47__ danced in the wind. His family did not want him to miss 48 _ sight of the ribbon and the welcome signal, so 49 _ covered the whole tree with ribbons to show their whole-hearted 50 __ (happy) and willingness to welcome him back.

Passage 5

Hi, I’ve got something __61__ (excite) to tell you. I was in an elevator yesterday and saw Robin Drexel, the famous movie star! I just stood there, __62__ (freeze). I couldn’t say a word. But __63__ of a sudden, she turned to me, __64__ (say), “Hello” . Then she asked me __65__ the restaurant was on the fifth floor, I told her I was going to the restaurant __66__ (my), and I offered to show her where it was. She said, “Oh, fine.” Then she said, “Why don’t we have lunch together?” Imagine! I never thought I would have lunch with a movi e star! But I __67__ (do)! We had lunch together and talked for about half __68__ hour. She even paid for my lunch! Can you imagine? But that isn’t all. __69__ lunch, she asked me if she could give me a ride to somewhere. I told her I was going home. __70__ she took me home in her big, black limousine(豪华轿车). It was an exciting day.

Passage 6

What should you do if you are not able to sleep? The best thing is to try to avoid bad habits. 61 you always go to bad and get up at about the same time, this sets a 62 (health) rhythm in your life. Don't drink caffeine drinks in the evening. Smoking and alcohol can also keep you awake. You may have trouble 63 (sleep) if you have a heavy meal just before you go to bed.

You may also find it difficult 64 (get) to sleep if you have a problem or something else on your mind. This is 65 you need to relax. As you lie in bed, tense the muscles in your feet and then relax 66 . Continue up the body, tensing and relaxing the muscles until you reach the head. Start with the feet again if you are still tense. If you 67 (think) about a problem or about something exciting that is going to happen

the next day, get up and write about it. That will help to take it off your mind. You can also get up and read, but be sure to choose 68 book that is not too difficult.69 , you may get so interested that you won’t want to go to sleep even when you feel sleepy.

Sleep well! Sweet 70 (dream)!


Passage 1

41. was started 42. Its / The 43. to celebrate 44. belongs

45. the

46. absolutely 47. whoever 48. to 49. and 50. difference

Passage 2

61. organized 62. are 63. that 64. appearance 65. equally 66. a 67. It 68. survival 69. of 70. to make Passage 3

61. when 62. of 63. was getting / would get 64. joined 65. in 66. guilt 67. And 68. to buy 69. trembling 70. the Passage 4

41.一个男孩和父母争吵离家出走。他多年没和他的家人联系,过着艰苦的生活。所以这里应填介词without 42.根据句意:后来他想回家,但是他害怕他的父母可能不欢迎他。此处表示转折,所以用but



46.tree 和decorate 之间是被动关系,且指的是过去的事情,所以用was decorated




50.happy和willingness并列,所以用名词形式 happiness

Passage 5

61.exciting 62.frozen 63.all 64.saying 65.if/whether

66.myself 67.did 67.an 68.After 70.So

Passage 6

61.If 62.healthy 63.sleeping 64.to get 65.when

66.them 67.are thinking/think 68.a 69.Otherwise 70.dreams