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The film and television program packaging analysis at home and abroad The concept of a TV program, packaging

TV channel packaging is a column of TV channel, and even the whole image of the television to an external form elements in specification and strengthening. TV packaging is defined as the television programs, columns regulate and strengthen the external form factor, these factors including voice, image, color, and many other factors. Show departments to meet the needs of TV media development rule and the audience ratings, the content and the characteristics of the channel, with distinct form, to overall introduction and publicity of channel, and the content are carefully edited and beautification. Channel package consists of the following parts: identify channel, channel image films, feature films, slogan and personalized music channel, trailers, subtitles, colour and substrate such as recognition elements. TV channel package is the television channel brand logo, the logo as enterprise CIS recognition system, is a design and build a perfect image of the channel. Is to include concept, behavior, and visual channel, standardize the external form factor, is the channel to improve the social reputation, expand the social influence and attract more audience has taken a whole rendering method.

Second, the TV column packing element

(a)image identification

Concept recognition system based on the positioning of the enterprise concept to convey enterprise tenet, spirit and goals. The recognition system is widely applied to the television column packing, such as CCTV's "inheriting civilization, pioneering and innovative", China central television (CCTV) - 3 "comprehension of art, cheerful heart", hunan satellite TV's "happy China".

Through the enterprise behavior recognition system with foreign participation and internal organization, management, education and other activities to show the unique enterprise image. TV program application behavior recognition system, mainly reflected in the host and exit reporter packing, they face the camera every day represents the image of the column, the host the actual social and interpersonal sex with affinity, relates to the communication effect of column.

Visual recognition system is one of the most important, TV channel in positioning, concept, purpose, under the domination by sticker, opening to show the image of the column. Both programs, columns, channels have a CI image design, also is the symbol of the most basic, it is an essential factor for a packaging. Symbol in different situations, there are all sorts of change, but the "packaging" constitute the elements of general is relatively stable. Good image logo design, can you'll never forget, that can quickly determine the audience to see what's the show, what channels, what platform, facilitate audience catch suddenly want to see the show, so the image of the logo design for TV packaging is very important. Such as China central television (CCTV) is the identity of the unified China central television (CCTV), and each channel with the serial number is arranged from 1 to 12; Although phoenix satellite TV channels are in the modelling of the basic identity, but information set and movies set in colour and form was deduced; Zhejiang satellite TV in a different color squares Z (" zhejiang ", the first letter is the representative of the qiantang river) as the basic identity, but each channel has its own representative colors, including education technology channel and a children's channel in "Z" word on the basis of the appropriate change, already so keep the channels and the unity of machine, also highlighted the independence of each channel.

(b)the color

According to the channels, columns, positioning, determine the mass-tone attune of the packaging. Main colors can be monochrome, also may be composite color. As a news comprehensive channel of CCTV, so its mass-tone attune is given priority to with blue, highlight the image of a calm, objective; CNN is basic blue tone; Literariness of channels and columns in the general case is warm color to move, relatively gorgeous colour; Phoenix palace is the mass-tone attune of the gorgeous yellow for yourself; Beijing cable television recently launched channel of life, is a pale blue, yellow gives priority to tone, promoting pure static, fashion, based on the urban young viewers and audiences. So, is one of the basic elements of the TV packaging color design. Its basic requirements should be color coordination, distinctive, engaging, but not dazzling, with channel, column, or the tone of the whole program, can keep consistent with the style and programs, columns, channels or give effective supplement.

(c)the voice

Sound, including the element such as language, music, sound and sound effects. Sound on the TV packaging plays a very prominent role. In good packaging TV, music and image design, colour collocation organically as a whole, need not see the picture, what the audience can determine what channels and columns. To let you have a friendly feeling, let the audience feel my close friend is calling themselves. To do this, first is to conform to the channel or column in the design of positioning, strive to achieve high quality. Second it is to maintain a relatively long and stable, because time can cultivate the audience, can ultimately shape the image of the brand sound. Good TV channel, music image, but also should pay attention to highlight the characteristics of regional, ethnic, cultural, attention from many years of music essence, pay particular attention to the rhythm of the sound with his own channel programs, the unity of the style and rhythm. Melody as far as possible concise, strive to ear does not forget.

Third, column packing problems and solutions

Have to say that in recent years, China's TV channel packaging cause made remarkable achievements, but the aura can cover up the flaws. At present, the domestic many television stations on the channel to the overall image packaging, no long-term planning, the sense that gives a person always happen overnight, "the pursuit of fast - basic is one year one or two change. And target blind television media to the not mature packaging company as a blind cat was caught in a dead mouse. For packaging and packaging, not for the brand packaging, not for the marketing and packaging, nor under the marketing target of packaging, this lack of expected planning and from the practice of marketing target, currently in the domestic television channel packing is very obvious, is also extremely to be solved problem.

So in the column packing, should follow the following principles: (1) unified principle: with the unity of the overall image of CI design; Channel in each column, show packing elements in sound, image, color should be relatively uniform; The unity of the whole sets of each channel, a table may have several channels, each channel content have different positioning, but representing the whole image, voice and so on various channels should be unified. Based on the various channels according to their characteristics and positioning to highlight the characteristics of the channel. The Taiwan image than channel image, image channel image is greater than the program. (2) the principle of specification: want to have a relatively scientific and normative design, various aspects should have specific and detailed regulatory requirements; Enforce design specification, all the units must carry out compulsory means and clear requirements; Have the packaging standard formulation and implementation of institutions and the enforcement of

the department. (3) the gradient principle: everything is not immutable, packing also is such. But this change is a gradual process, and is by no means a mutation. Gradient should be considered: to adopt new technology to make the original packaging form more modern and fashion, but don't change frequently, in do not lose the original design mode based on slightly more modern and more eye-catching deformation; New forms of packaging before use alternately can use the old and new, used to the new fully accepted by the audience recognition, in completely abolish the old. (4) advanced principle: the design concept and advanced technical means, advanced ideas and modern technical equipment, fully tap the computer non-linear editing system of talents, is the basic guarantee to realize a channel package. (5) characteristic principle: highlight their own characteristics, play TeSePai, can stand in many taichung. According to different location, different cultural background and ethnic folk to highlight their own characteristics.


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