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Name: Ms. A Gender: Female

Wedlock: Married Nation: yi

Residence: Sichuan-Xichang Age: 28

Location: Zhejiang-Jiaxing Height: 160cm

Target Locations: Zhejiang、 Jiangsu、 Shanghai

Target Positions: Trading-Customs commissioner

Trading-Foreign Trade Commissioner/Assistant


2003-09 ~ 2007-07 ShanXi University of Finance & Economics International Trade Bachelor Degree


2007-06 ~ 2007-06 Fei Yue Dian Feng Qi Hua About Team Cooperation

Work Experience5 years 0 months work experience,and served on 4 Companies.

【company name】(2011-07 ~ 2012-02)

Company Type: Foreign Enterprise Company Category: Machine-building,Machine,Heavy industry

Job Title: customs commissioner Positions: Customs commissioner

Job Description: I am in charge of following up the whole plant machinery and spare parts imports, preparing relevant documents such as invoices, packing list, CCC certificate, 0 certificate, and communicating with Italy about delivery issues.

Reason for Leaving: family

【company name】(2009-05 ~ 2011-06)

Company Type: Foreign Enterprise Company Category: Textile industry

Job Title: customs commissioner Positions: Customs commissioner

Job Description: I took responsibility for the work of the import declaration with other two partners.Our duty contain much detail, such as filling out declaration sheet,completing the pre-entry, checking , sending the declaration data to the customs and completing customs clearance in counter , until the goods are transported to our warehouse; keeping communication with related departments such as the

terminal,purchasing department, production department, documentary team, warehouses,and so on; to make sure works can be done smoothly; transferring necessary information to relevant person and file all the document.

R【company name】(2008-04 ~ 2009-01)

Company Type: Foreign Enterprise Company Category:Electrical,Micro-electronics

Job Title: customs commissioner Positions: Customs commissioner

Job Description: I took responsibility for the factory's customs clearance , such as importing material, exporting finished goods and scraping pieces of the material and so on. Besides, I undertook some material planning work and analyzing and reducing our department's costs.

Reason for Leaving: missing my ID card

【company name】(2007-08 ~ 2008-03)

Company Type: Foreign Enterprise Company Category:Electrical,Micro-electronics

Job Title: customs declaration assitant Positions: Export commissioner

Job Description: I took responsability of factroy's all import business,following up the delivery all the

time,checking bill and asking for payment of

transportation,dealing with other things the manager demand.

Reason for Leaving: I intend to hunt for a suitbale job for my further development,such as declarant and so on

Project Experience

improve customs workflow (2010-08 ~ 2011-02)

Job Title: customs commissioner

Project Description: In order to improve work efficiency, to meet the growing business, our customs department was divided into four team, the import, export, inspection, handbook, to finish continuous improvement within six months. Our target

is ensure timeliness, accuracy rate, volume of business, and department high efficiency operation

Responsibility: As the import team leader, I gathered all the team members to discuss and determine the direction and methods, division of labor. With the actual situation, the main direction of our team was to change all the manual operation to computer operation, the target was to achieve the elimination of manual errors, the computer automatically calculate, easy to modify and review, shorten the declaration time. In the project implementation process, I was responsible to design a program in accordance with requirements of customs and automatic classification and calculation (ie, we entered original data into computer in accordance with the document, then got finished declaration sheet after computer process). After nearly three months of the trial and repeated changes, the three import members can complete the daily work on time which is need four people to complete overtime before.

Special Skills

Professional Title:

Computer Level: intermediate

Computer Skills: I can use EXCEL & WORD proficiently, input character 50-60 per minute.

Strengths: 1.good occupation ethics, good resistance to stress and optimistic and positive attitude;

2.CET-6,customs declaration and inspection qualification certificates;

3.grasp comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of international trade;

4.C1 driving license.

Language Skills

Chinese: Good Cantonese: General

English Level: CET-6

English: Good

Career Objective

Career Direction: In the past five years, I got some valuable experience on all aspects of International trade such as shipping and clearance and inspection. In the future, I hope to achieve success in international business. This is not only my career goal but also interest

Requirements: Be requested indispensable insurance

Self Info.

Self Assessment:As to my major International Trade, I’m familiar with the procedure of international trade and

related documents, such as shipping and customs clearance. In everyday life, I have a strong capacity of communication. I enjoy not only the team work but also finish the work independent without supervision. Besides, I always pay attention to related knowledge cultivation, such as computer skill and english skill.

I've done well on my job, and gained valuable experience from it. The most important point is that I have different work experience which gives me more in-depth understanding and makes me engaging in international trade.

Hobbies: singing, reading, playing pingpang


improve workflow 2011-02-18


CET-6 2006-02-01

customs qualification certificate 2007-01-22 inspection qualification certificate 2008-03-20


工艺技术员个人简历范文 以下是关于工艺技术员个人简历范文,希望内容对您有帮助,感谢您得阅读。 **公司起止年月:2013-06 ~ 2013-10 公司性质:外商独资所属行业:通信/电信/网络设备 担任职位: PE组长 工作描述: 1.负责异常分析,提高产品的直行率; 2.新产品及量产品的导入; 3.制定相关产品的作业指导书; 4.产品工时、产能评估; 5.新设备的导入及相关操作指引; 6.客户审查的跟进; 7.合理分配组员工作及工作指引。 离职原因: **公司起止年月:2008-09 ~ 2013-05 公司性质:外商独资所属行业:电子技术/半导体/集成电路 担任职位:高级技术员 工作描述: 1.新产品(TFT/STN/TN/TP)的导入、量产体系 ·

的建立及维护、良率提升、失效成本的降低、原物料耗损的改善。 2.新型号产品及量产作业指导书的编写。 3.制程条件的合理化以及生产效率的提升。 4.推行专案改善生产中的重大问题、日常量产中异常分析对策及其改善、客诉问题点的快速对应及改善对策。 5.试作及量产物料、治工具设计及评估。 6.试作、量产问题的改善、异常的及时处理及预防、标准工时的评估、各机台各站别人力配置标准化、治工具的改进、作业手法的完善及标准化、各线产能的评估﹔最终实现整体量产的标准化统一,以达到产能和品质的提升以及原物料耗损的减少 离职原因: 教育背景 毕业院校:广东松山职业技术学院 最高学历:大专获得学位: 毕业日期: 2008-06 专业一:机电一体化专业二: 起始年月终止年月学校(机构) 所学专业获得证书证书编号 2006-03 2006-05 广东松山职业技术学院计算机计算机一级 1206000610548 ·


英文简历的个人品质常用词汇able 有才干的,能干的 adaptable 适应性强的 active 主动的,活跃的 aggressive 有进取心的 ambitious 有雄心壮志的 amiable 和蔼可亲的 amicable 友好的 analytical 善于分析的 apprehensive 有理解力的 aspiring 有志气的,有抱负的 audacious 大胆的,有冒险精神的 capable 有能力的,有才能的 careful 办理仔细的 candid 正直的 competent 能胜任的

constructive 建设性的cooperative 有合作精神的creative 富创造力的 dedicated 有奉献精神的dependable 可靠的 diplomatic 老练的,有策略的disciplined 守纪律的 dutiful 尽职的 well--educated 受过良好教育的efficient 有效率的 energetic 精力充沛的expressivity 善于表达 faithful 守信的,忠诚的 frank 直率的,真诚的generous 宽宏大量的 genteel 有教养的

gentle 有礼貌的humorous 有幽默impartial 公正的independent 有主见的industrious 勤奋的ingenious 有独创性的motivated 目的明确的intelligent 理解力强的learned 精通某门学问的logical 条理分明的methodical 有方法的modest 谦虚的 objective 客观的precise 一丝不苟的punctual 严守时刻的


Personal Information: Name:**** Date of Birth:July 12,1971 Birth Place:Beijing Sex:Male Marital Status:Unmarried Telephone:**** E-mail:career@https://www.doczj.com/doc/c516564244.html, Work Experience: Nov. 1998- present CCIDE Inc,as a director of software development and web publishing .organized and attended trade shows (Comdex 99). Summer of 1997 BIT Company as a technician,designed various web sites. Designed and maintained the web site of our division independently from s electing suitable materials,content editing to designing web page by FrontPage,Photoshop and Java as well ; Education: 1991 - August 1996 Dept. of Automation,Tsinghua University, B.E. Achievements & Activities: President and Founder of the Costumer Committee Established the organization as a member of BIT President of Communications for the Marketing Association Representative in the Student Association English Skills : Have a good command of both spoken and written English . Past CET-6,TOEFL:623;GRE:2213 Characters : Aggressive,independent and be able to work under a dynamic environment . Have coordination skills,teamwork spirit. Studious nature and dedication are my greatest strengths.


常见英文简历用词汇总 个人资料有用词汇 A Useful Glossary for Personal Data name 姓名 alias 别名 pen name 笔名 date of birth 出生日期 birth date 出生日期 born 出生于 birth place 出生地点 age 年龄 native place 籍贯 province 省 city 市 autonomous region 自治区prefecture 专区 county 县 nationality 民族,国籍citizenship 国籍 duel citizenship 双重国籍address 地址 current address 目前地址

present address 目前地址permanent address 永久地址postal code 邮政编码 home phone 住宅电话office phone 办公电话business phone 办公电话Tel.电话 sex 性别 male 男 female 女 height 身高 weight 体重 marital status 婚姻状况family status 家庭状况married 已婚 single/unmarried 未婚divorced 离异 separated 分居 number of children 子女人数none 无 street 街 lane 胡同,巷 road 路

district 区 house number 门牌 health 健康状况 health condition 健康状况blood type 血型 short-sighted 近视 far-sighted 远视 color-blind 色盲 ID card No.身份证号码 date of availability 可到职时间available 可到职membership 会员,资格president 会长 vice-president 副会长director 理事 standing director 常务理事secretary general 秘书长society 学会 association 协会 research society 研究会

Resume 中英文简历常用词汇

中英文简历常用词汇对译 履历表(Resume’或称Curriculum Vitae)是你的求职信中必须附加的部分,对方往往会先审阅各来信中的履历表,因为它是以列表形式出现,如果对方一收信就是数十或数百份,较为省力的初步挑选就是先读应征者寄来的履历表,所以履历表很重要。 在履历表中须包括:1.个人资料;2.教育背景;3.工作经验;4.担保人。在履历表中不须有完整句子,但必须将有关资料以整齐、有系统的方法表达出来。求职 信本身,履历表须打字,除非对方特别要求书写。 此外并须在履历表上贴上一张照片 。 1. 个人资料有用词汇 A Useful Glossary for Personal Data name 姓名alias 别名pen name 笔名date of birth 出生日期birth date 出生日期 born 出生于birth place 出生地点age 年龄native place 籍贯province 省city 市 autonomous region 自治区prefecture 专区county 县nationality 民族,国籍 citizenship 国籍duel citizenship 双重国籍address 地址current address 目前地址 present address 目前地址permanent address 永久地址postal code 邮政编码 home phone 住宅电话office phone 办公电话business phone 办公电话Tel.电话 sex 性别male 男female 女height 身高weight 体重marital status 婚姻状况 family status 家庭状况married 已婚 single/unmarried 未婚 divorced 离异 separated 分居 number of children 子女人数 none 无 street 街 lane 胡同,巷 road 路 district 区 house number 门牌 health 健康状况 health condition 健康状 况 blood type 血型 short-sighted 近视 far-sighted 远视 color-blind 色盲 ID card No.身份证号码 date of availability 可到职时间 available 可到职 membership 会员,资格 president 会长 vice-president 副会长 director 理事 standing director 常务理事 secretary general 秘书长 society 学会


设备科技术员个人简历范文 综合设备科技术员简历特点以及自身优势等来取一个个性化,但又不会太过分的标题,是让HR看到你的简历的前提要素。 个人信息 fwdq 性别:男 民族:汉族出生年月:1958年11月1日 婚姻状况:已婚 身高:167cm 体重:60kg 户籍:福建莆田现所在地:福建莆田城厢区 毕业学校:中共中央党校学历:专科 专业名称:管理类经济管理毕业年份:1999年 工作经验:三十年以上最高职称:中级职称 求职意向 职位性质:全职 职位类别: 职位名称:企业管理; 工作地区:福建-莆田市区,福建-莆田城厢区,福建-莆田涵江区,

福建-莆田荔城区,福建-莆田秀屿区; 待遇要求:(面谈)元/月可面议; 不需要提供住房 到职时间:一个月内 教育培训 教育背景: 时间所在学校学历 1978年1月- 1980年1月化工学校中专 1996年9月- 1999年6月党校函授学院专科 工作经历 所在公司:县化工厂 时间范围:1980年2月- 1985年2月 公司性质:国有企业 所属行业:石油、化工业 担任职位:设备科技术员 工作描述:负责全厂机械设备维护与管理技术工作。 离职原因:调动 所在公司:国有银行 时间范围:1985年3月- 2011年12月

公司性质:股份制企业 所属行业:金融业(投资、保险、证券、银行、基金) 担任职位:管理类 工作描述:信贷员、个金服务中心主任、网点负责人、办公室主任、分行业务营销部副经理。 离职原因:退二线 所在公司:闽南某公司 时间范围:2013年3月- 2015年12月 公司性质:民营/私营公司 所属行业:农、林、牧、副、渔业 担任职位:高级管理-总裁助理/总经理助理 工作描述:接受总经理指令,协调、处理公司的一切事务。 离职原因:离家太远 其他信息 自我评价:诚信、认真、勤奋.恪守职业道德。 综合设备科技术员简历特点以及自身优势等来取一个个性化,但又不会太过分的标题,是让HR看到你的简历的前提要素。 个人信息


常用词汇 ●英文简历常用词汇:职业目标 for more specialized work 为更专门的工作 for prospects of promotion 为晋升的前途 for higher responsibility 为更高层次的工作责任 for wider experience 为扩大工作经验 due to close-down of company 由于公司倒闭 due to expiry of employment 由于雇用期满 offered a more challenging opportunity 获得的更有挑战性的工作机会 sought a better job 找到了更好的工作 to look for a more challenging opportunity 找一个更有挑战性的工作机会 to seek a better job 找一份更好的工作 ●英文简历常用词汇:证书 普通话水平测试:二级甲等证书 Putonghua (Mandarin) Proficiency Test: Level II, Grade A 国际商务单证员证书International Commercial Documents National Qualification Certificate 全国翻译专业资格证书 China Aptitude Test for Translators and Interpreters 上海市英语中级口译资格证书Certificate of Shanghai Interpretation Accreditation Test (Intermediate Level) 高校教师资格证Qualification Certificate for Teachers in Colleges and Universities ●英文简历常用词汇:奖励 一等奖学金 major award 二等奖学金 minor award 三等奖学金 third-class award 一等奖 first prize 二等奖 second prize 三等奖 third prize 优秀奖 merit award/honorable mention 成功参赛奖 participate award/Successful Participant


英文简历模板范文 Chinese Name: Responsible for the coordination and photography college major events, such as spring sports academic report of photography and video of some activities and news writing English Name: Eddy Zhang (外企习惯以英文名字作为同事间的称呼,如果你有英文名字,将会首先给你的面试官一份亲切感。) Sex: FEMale Born: 6/12/86 University: zhongshan University Major: Marketing Address: 388#, zhongshan University Telephone: 1368****451 Email: (不论你是肥环瘦燕,还是鹤立鸡群,“身高体重”的话题都不要在简历中提及。在西方文化中,“身高体重”属于特别隐私性的话题。另外,政治色彩越少越好,老外一般没有兴趣知道你的政治隐私。)WenKu.BLL.KeyWordJob Objective: A Position offering challenge and responsibility in the realm of consumer affairs or marketing. Education: 2000-2020 Bejing University, College Of Commerce Graduating in July with a B. S. degree in Marketing. Fields of study include: economics, marketing, business law, statistics, calculus,psychology, sociology, social and managerial concepts in marketing, consumer behavior, sales force management, product policy, marketing research and forecast,marketing strategies. 1994-2000 The No.2 Middle School of Xi


英文简历常用词汇 学生工作 团委the League Committee 学生会the Student Union 学生社团/协会students’ association/society 勤工助学work-study program 志协the volunteers association 骨干backbone/mainstay 外联部the public relations department 咨询部部长Secretary of the Consulting Department 团支书Secretary of the Y outh League Branch Committee 副主任Deputy Director 副书记V ice Secretary 级长chairman of the class committee 秘书长secretary-general 辅导员助理assistant to the political instructor/ assistant 党建小组Study Group on the Party Construction 文体委员Recreation and Sports Secretary 学习委员Study Secretary (Commissioner?) 生活委员Life Secretary 宣传委员Publicity Secretary 组织委员Organization Secretary 云山自律委员会Y unshan Self-discipline Commision 晚会主持人the host on the entertainment / evening party 礼仪队reception team/ protocol team 社会实践 三下乡serving the country people in three aspects/ V olunteer activities for the country people/ Bringing three voluntary services to the countryside or rural communities 广东省大学生职业生涯规划大赛Guangdong College Students Career Planning Competition 广交会(中国出口商品交易会) Chinese Export Commodities Fair / Canton Fair 大运会National University Games 民运会Traditional Ethnic Minority Sports Meet 奖项 优秀团日活动Excellent League Activity 优秀团员Excellent League Member 三好学生Excellent Student/top students in IQ, EQ and PE/ “Three-goods” student 文明学生Well-behaved Students 优秀学生干部Excellent Student Leader 校级优秀团干Excellent League Cadre of GDUFS 优秀干事excellent clerical worker 积极分子activist 先进工作者advanced worker 综合测评the Comprehensive Evaluation of Students’ Performance 品行/学业/社会活动积极分子Model Student in Moral Conduct/ Academic Records/ Social Activities 综合奖学金the scholarship for comprehensive performance 学业单项奖the scholarship for academic records 文体单项奖the scholarship for recreation and sports 新生奖学金the scholarship for freshmen


高级技术员英文简历模板_简历模板 equipment management, mechanical and electrical industry expected salary: 3000-4000 Expect work areas: xinluo district expectations nature of work: full-time Arrive time: the fastest interview must provide housing: don’t ne ed Education/training Education background:

School name: power (January 2014 - January 2014) A.s.in engineering or professional title: high-voltage electrician degree: School name: special survey institute (may, 2007-2007, may) A.s.in engineering or professional title: driving education: School name: self-study (August 2009 - September 2009)

A.s.in engineering or professional title: maintenance electrician degree: The first school name: technical school (July 1994 - July 1997) Name: mechanical processing and maintenance degree: he wowed Trained experience: The first technical training institutions: (July 1994 - July 1997)


英文简历常用词汇(个人资料篇) 本文是由个人简历网个人简历下载频道为大家提供的《应届毕业生个人简历模板下载》,希望对大家有所帮助。 Managed logistics for executive committee meetings that include but not limited to facility, attendees, agendas and travel arrangements and attendees for events 文秘专业个人简历自我评价(一) 在校三年里,在笃诚勤奋,自强不息”的校训激励下,始终以提高自身的综合素质为 目标,以自我的全面发展为努力方向,树立正确的人生观、价值观和世界观。尊师守纪, 关心集体,品德优良,学习态度端正. 工作经历证明模板(一) 兹证明,本单位___________同志,男,于_________年____月____日出生。身份证号:_________________________________。 留学俄罗斯如果留学生申请不到宿舍时,就要自己在校外租房了。这时更要考虑安全 问题,最好选择离学校近的地方租住民房,如果不得以必须在较远的地方租房时,要首先 请教有经验的人,问清该地区的安全状况后,才能租住。 英文简历的常用词汇1 (一) name 姓名 alias 别名 pen name 笔名 date of birth 出生日期 birth date 出生日期 born 出生于 birth place 出生地点 (二) age 年龄 native place 籍贯 province 省

city 市 autonomous region 自治区prefecture 专区 county 县 nationality 民族,国籍citizenship 国籍 duel citizenship 双重国籍(三) address 地址 current address 目前地址present address 目前地址permanent address 永久地址postal code 邮政编码 home phone 住宅电话 office phone 办公电话business phone 办公电话Tel.电话 (四) sex 性别 male 男 female 女 height 身高 weight 体重 (五) marital status 婚姻状况family status 家庭状况married 已婚 single/unmarried 未婚divorced 离异 separated 分居 (六) number of children 子女人数none 无 (七) street 街 lane 胡同,巷 road 路 district 区 house number 门牌


英文简历范文 本文是关于英文简历范文,仅供参考,希望对您有所帮助,感谢阅读。 ZHENG TAO 5 section 40*B# Willow dormitory Top University, Beijing 1000** (8610) 61234567, Education Sep.2019- Ri Yue School of Management, Top University present M.A. (Management Science, expected) Sep.1999- School of Management University of China Jun.2019 B.S. (Management Science) Work Experience Aug.2019-Sep.2019 Management Case Center of Top University, Beijing project Manager (part-time) As the main principal, taking active part in the project of the Survey of Brand Loyalty in China, including the layout of the forms, data collecting and information analysis; partly participating in further research in above project, including dealing with data and modeling. May.2019-Jun.2019 Harvest Fund Management Co., LTD Beijing Research Assistant (Internship) Business Development Dept. As the main principal, making the in-depth research and carrying out development of the brand-new product of open funds;participating the further evaluation of the performance of the Open Funds in China; Mar.200-Apr.2019 Top University Tarzan Center for Supply Chain System R&D Research Assistant (part-time) Beijing


1、基本信息 name 姓名in. 英寸 pen name 笔名ft. 英尺alias 别名street 街 Mr. 先生road 路 Miss 小姐district 区 Ms (小姐或太太)house number 门牌 Mrs. 太太lane 胡同,巷 age 年龄height 身高 bloodtype 血型weight 体重 address 地址born 生于 permanent address 永久住址 province 省birthdate 出生日期 city 市birthplace 出生地点 county 县home phone 住宅 prefecture 专区office phone autonomous region 自治区business phone nationality 民族;国籍current address 目前住址 citizenship 国籍date of birth 出生日期 native place 籍贯postal code 邮政编码 duel citizenship 双重国籍marital status 婚姻状况 family status 家庭状况married 已婚 single 未婚divorced 离异 separated 分居number of children 子女人数 health condition 健康状况health 健康状况 excellent (身体)极佳short-sighted 近视 far-sighted 远视ID card 身份证 date of availability 可到职时间membership 会员、资格president 会长vice-president 副会长 director 理事standing director 常务理事 society 学会association 协会 secretary-general 秘书长research society 研究会 2、教育经历 education 学历educational history 学历 educational background 教育程度curriculum 课程 major 主修minor 副修 educational highlights 课程重点部分curriculum included 课程包括specialized courses 专门课程courses taken 所学课程 special training 特别训练social practice 社会实践 part-time jobs 业余工作summer jobs 暑期工作 vacation jobs 假期工作refresher course 进修课程extracurricular activities 课外活动physical activities 活动recreational activities 娱乐活动academic activities 学术活动social activities 社会活动rewards 奖励


售后技术员个人英文简历范文 Name: Current residence: Guangzhou, China: Han Domicile: Guangzhou stature: 175 cm 62 kg Marital status: Single Age: 21 Company Name: Great Wall Broadband Network Service Co., beginning and ending date :xx-07 ~ Company nature: joint-stock enterprises Industry: Communications / tele operators, value-added services Positions: Broadband Installation Talent Type: Position: pre / post-sales technical support - Manager / Supervisor / Engineer, tele switching / Network Engineer:

Work Experience: 1 Job Title: No Title Job type: Full-time Date Available: Anytime Salary requirements :2000 - 3500 hope Working Area: Guangzhou Graduated: Guangdong Polytechnic Vocational Technical School Highest Level of Education: college graduation date :xx -07-01 By Major: Computer I have strong analytical ability to understand and be able to practice diligent hands and innovation. Hard, there is a strong team spirit. Has a strong self-learning ability, the ability to adapt to the new environment, serious and responsible, energetic, outgoing face the customer, can quickly adapt to the new environment.


英文简历常用词汇 英文简历常用词汇 英文简历常用词汇 下面小编整理了一些英文简历中常用到的英文词汇,欢迎阅读。国家及校级奖项、称号 1 奖学金 国家奖学金 National Scholarship 国家励志奖学金 National Encouragement scholarship 三好学生标兵 Pacemaker to Merit Student 三好学生 Merit Student 学习优秀生 Model Student of Academic Records 校一等奖:The First Prize Scholarship 校二等奖:The Second Prize Scholarship 校三等奖:The Third Prize Scholarship

单项奖学金:Individual Scholarship 2 荣誉称号 突出才能奖 Model Student of Outstanding Capacity 优秀工作者 Excellent staff 优秀学生干部 Excellent Student Cadre 优秀共青团员 Excellent League Member 优秀毕业生 Outstanding Graduates 优秀志愿者 Outstanding Volunteer 先进班集体 Advanced Class 优秀团干 Outstanding League Cadres 学生协会优秀干部 Outstanding cadres of Student Association 3 先进个人 先进个人 Advanced Individual/Outstanding Student


英文助理的英文简历范文 Xiao yong He Rm. 2, 4F, Sun Tong Plaza, 1368 Huanhai Rd (W) (021) 64335892 Email: hongxj@https://www.doczj.com/doc/c516564244.html, OBJECTIVE English assistant position at a multinational company in Shanghai. EXPERIENCE X X X Co., Ltd., Shanghai 2000-present Executive assistant to head of factory Responsibilities include prioritizing appointment schedules and travel arrangements for the head of factory, managing confidential files and records, doing English and Japanese interpretation in business talks, and supervising and training clerical staff. X X X Network, Inc., Shanghai 1998-2000 Executive assistant to vice manager Responsibilities included scheduling appointments, keeping files, and traveling to Europe to make advance arrangements for client conferences and extensive client contact.


英文简历常见的三种形式和样本: (1)以学历为主的简历basic resume 这种形式适应于应届毕业生或中学毕业后仍在待业的求职人员,因为没有工作经历,所以把重点放在学业上,从最高学历往下写。 在basic resume中,一般包括下列元素: a. personal date(个人资料):name(姓名)、address(通讯地址)、postal code (邮政编码)、phone number(电话号码)、birth date(出生日期)、birthplace(出生地点)、sex(性别)、height(身高)、weight(体重)、health(健康状况)、date of availability(可到职日期)、number of identification card(身份证号码)。因为是应届毕业生或中学毕业不久,一般没有结婚,因而可省略marital1 status(婚姻状况)和children(儿女情况)两项。当然,如果是研究生毕业已婚,则应写明。 b. job/career objective(应聘职位)。 c. education(学历):就读学校及系科的名称、学位、始止时间和应聘职位相关的课程与成绩、社会实践、课外活动、奖励等都应一一列出。 d. special skill(特别技能)。 e. hobbies/interests(业余爱好)。如果在学历项目的课外活动中已经注明,此项则不必重复。 (2)以经历为主的简历chronological2 resume 以这种形式出现的英语简历,往往侧重于工作经历,把同应聘职位有关的经历和业绩按时间顺序书写出来,把工作经历放在学历之前。经历和学历的时间顺序均是由近至远。 毫无疑问,这种形式的英语简历适合于有工作经验的求职人员。 在chronological resume中,通常包括以下元素: a. personal date(个人资料)。具体内容同以学历为主的简历相同,不过,因为你参加工作多年,已进入结婚年龄,所以不管你是否结婚,都应注明婚姻状况和儿女情况。 b. job/career objective(应聘职位)。 c. work experience(工作经历)。务必写明自己在每个工作单位的职位、职责和业绩以及工作起止时间。 d. education(学历):因为你已工作多年,雇主重点考虑你的工作经验是否能胜任你所应聘的职位,所以学历只是一个参考的因素,因而不必象以学历为主的简历那样写得详细,只需注明你就读的校系名称、始止时间和学位即可。 e. technical qualifications and special skills(技术资格和特别技能)。 f. scientific research achievements(科研成果)。 (3)以职能为主的简历functional3 resume 这种形式的英语简历,也是突出工作经历,因而所含元素和以经历为主的简历相同。以经历为主的简历和以职能为主的简历的根本差别在于:以经历为主的简历是按时间顺序来排列工作经历,而以职能为主的简历则按工作职能或性质来概括工作经历,并无时间上的连贯性,旨在强调某些特定的工作能力和适应程度。比方说,你曾经在两个不同的工作单位担任相同的职务或负责相同的业务,便可归纳在一个项目之中。例如: Functional summary of work experience Purchasing manager: July 1984 to may 1986 Guangzhou friendship store December 1988 to September 1990 Nanfeng Department Store Sales manager: June 1986 to November 1988 Dongshan Department Store

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