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第二部分:知识运用(共两节, 满分35分)


从A、B、C、D四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。21.Haitian man, according to his family, has survived four weeks under ruins since

destructive earthquake this January.

A.The; a B.The;/ C.A;/ D.A; the

22.---Was your holiday trip to Europe amazing?

---Not really! But we got back safe, before the European airspace restriction caused by the Icelandic volcano ashes.

A.narrowly B.successfully C.smoothly D.thankfully

23.---It is said we may have got the result of the exam by the end of next month, won‘t we?

---Sure. .You‘ll be informed in time.

A.With pleasure B.No wonder C.It doesn‘t matter D.Take your time

24.The whole team were wild with joy when their captain top in the race.

A.came up B.came out C.turned up D.went out

25.---How does the girl we met just now strike you?

---She is but beautiful.

A.anything B.anybody C.everything D.everybody

26.So many natural disasters are believed over the recent years because of the frequent unreasonable mankind activities.

A.to have come about B.to come about

C.coming about D.to be coming about

27.Being sure that the wounded tiger could look after itself, the doctors it into the forest.

A.relieved B.released C.removed D.rejected

28.---How do you look at the issue?

---My point is that our government making the public aware of the seriousness of water shortages.

A.is supposed to B.contributes to C.is committed to D.devoted to

29.---Fans nowadays seem to be interested in the entertainment news the private lives of pop stars.

---That‘s it. I can‘t agree more.

A.concerning B.concerned C.involved by D.being involved in

30.Many scientists in the West hold the view that it will be no longer a question soon

man can report the earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis.

A.after B.whether C.if D.that

31.By the time they got to the quake-stricken area, the rescuers what difficulty they would have helping the victims out.

A.sensed B.had sensed C.had been sensing D.were sensing

32.You are too him. After all he has only been in this field for no more than a year.

A.mistaken about B.disappointed at C.particular about D.sorry for

33.Several minutes after its launch, the X-37B plane successfully sent back its first to the control center.

A.mark B.sign C.instruction D.signal

34.I ordered three tickets to the opening ceremony of the 2010 Expo, but none me by now.

A.will reach B.is reaching C.has reached D.has been reaching

35.Here we are! These MP5s. like them? you choose, I‘ll pay for it, as your birthday present.

A.Whatever B.Whichever C.Whenever D.However



When Winsion Chruchill was a young man, his father concluded that Churchill was ―unfit for a career in law or politics‖ because he did so badly in school.

When Charles Darwin was getting ready to 36 on his five-year expedition on The Beagle, his father was extremely 37 . he thought his son was falling into a life of sin and idleness.

Gorge Washington‘s mother was a complaining, 38 woman by all accounts. She thought little of Washington‘s achievements and didn‘t 39 at either of his presidential inaugurations(就职典礼). She was always 40 that her children overlooked her and she was especially angry when her son George ran off to 41 the army for the American Revolution. She 42 believed it was his duty to stay home and take care of her.

In his youth, the 43 Leonard Bernstein, one of the most talented and successful composers in American history, was continually pressured by his father to 44 his music and do something worthwhile, like help out in his family‘s beauty-supply business. After Leonard became 45 , his father was asked about that, and he answered, ―Well, how was I supposed to know he was the Leonard Bernstein?‖

People may criticize you or make fun of your ideas or actively try to 46 you. Often their efforts are only attempts to protect you from 47 . But obviously failure is only a possibility if you stop. If you keep 48 , a ―failure‖ is just another learning 49 . Besides, giving up on a heartfelt goal is worse than failing. ―Many people die‖, said Wendell Holmes, ―with their 50 still in them.‖ That‘s true tragedy.

So listen 51 to the worries and criticisms of your friends and family, and do your best to put their minds 52 , but then carry on. Listen last to your own heart. You 53 yourself better than anyone on earth. Make sure your song is 54 .

Listen to your own heart. Don‘t let your music 55 with you.

36.A.set sail B.take charge C.make progress D.set examples

37.A.excited B.pleased C.disappointed D.affected

38.A.self-confident B.self-centered C.kind-hearted D.cold-blooded

39.A.show off B.show up C.pick out D.pick up

40.A.claiming B.expecting C.complaining D.declaring

41.A.fight B.beat C.attend D.command

42.A.foolishly B.secretly C.bravely D.honestly

43.A.late B.latter C.former D.later

44.A.take up B.give up C.pick up D.bring up

45.A.proud B.diligent C.professional D.famous

46.A. advise B.suggest C.stop D.keep

47.A.failure B.success C.stop D.keep

48.A.stopping B.starting C.going D.coming

49.A.method B.experiment C.approach D.experience

50.A.music B.article C.movie D.poem

51.A.politely B.rudely C.responsibly D.actively

52.A.in order B.at case C.in use D.at war

53.A.trust B.believe C.know D.doubt

54.A.finished B.completed C.written D.sung

55.A.live B.die C.sound D.play




[AP Eeb.8] Costa Ricans have elected their first woman president as the ruling party candidate Laura Chinchilla won in an election after campaigning to continue free market policies in Central America‘s most stable nation Sunday night.

[Reuters Feb. 19]The leader of Niger‘s military junta(军政府)made his first public appearance on Friday, a day after toppling(推翻)President Mamadou Tandja, but made no mention of any timetable to elections.

[Reuters Feb. 20] The Dutch coalition(联合)government collapsed on Saturday after the two largest parties disagreed over whether to withdraw the 2,000 Dutch troops from Afghanistan as planned this year.

[The Guardian Feb. 25]Viktor Yanukovych took the oath of office in the Verkhovan Rada, the Ukrainian parliament, iv Kiev today, with the ceremony coming after weeks of protest(抗议)over claimed cheating following his victory in February‘s president election.

[The Guardian Feb.27] One of the world‘s most powerful earthquakes in a century struck Chile on Saturday, killing at least 214 people, knocking down buildings and causing a tsunami that threatened Pacific coastlines as far away as Hawaii and Japan.

[AP Mar. 8]Kathryn Bigelow made Oscar history Sunday night, becoming the first woman to win best director at the Academy Awards for her Iraq War movie ―The Hurt Locker‖, which earned six Oscars, including one for best picture.

56.Laura Chinchilla‘s success in her president election probably has something to do with .

A.her being a woman

B.her campaign in Central America

C.her being a ruling candidate

D.her efforts to continue free market policies in her nation

57.Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the news above?

A.The Academy Awards saw no women winners before Kathryn Bigelow.

B.Viktor Yanukovych won his president election by means of cheating.

C.The Dutch haven‘t decided whether to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan.

D.The earthquake that happened in Chile caused a serious tsunami in Hawaii and Japan.

58.All the following events happened on the American Continent except .

A.Laura Chinchilla became the first woman president in Costa Rica

B.Kathryn Bigelow beca me thee first woman to win best director in Oscar history.

C.the leader of Niger‘s military junta toppled President Mamadou Tandja

D.a very powerful earthquake hit Chile on Saturday


It is love that makes the world go round. And it is also love that has such power to overcome all difficulties. So we say: ―Love will find a way.‖ As smile is a facial expression showing pleasure, affection, and friendliness, it is the commonest way to show our good will perfectly without saying anything. A Chinese saying runs: ―never hit a person who is smiling at you.‖ It is a time-proven fact that the smile is a language all its own—a universal

language—understood by the people of every nation in the world. We may not speak the same tongue as our foreign neighbors, but we smile in the same tongue. We need no interpreter for thus expressing love, happiness, or good will.

One day while shopping in a small town in southern California, it was my misfortune to be approached by a clerk whose personality contradicted mine. He seemed most unfriendly and not at all concerned about my intended purchase. I bought nothing, and marched angrily out of the store. My anger toward that grew with each step. Outside, standing at the corner, was a dark-complexion young man in his early twenties. His expressive brown eyes met and held mine, and in the next instant a beautiful, dazzling smile covered his face. I gave in immediately. The magnetic power of that shining smile drove away all bitterness within me, and I found the muscles in my own face happily responding. ―Beautiful day, isn‘t it?‖I remarked, in passing. The, suddenly something inside me sent me turning back. ―I really owe you a debt of gratitude,‖I said softly. His smile deepened, but he made no attempt to answer. A Mexican woman and two men were standing nearby. The woman stepped forward and eyed me inquiringly. ―Carlos, he no speak English,‖ she volunteered. ―You want I should tell him something?‖ In that moment I felt transformed. Carlos‘ smile had made a big person of me. My friendliness and good will to ward all mankind stood ten feet tall. ―Yes,‖ my reply was enthusiastic and sincere, ―tell him I said ?Thank you!‘‖―Thank you?‖ The woman seemed slightly puzzled. I gave her arm a friendly pat as I turned to leave. ―Just tell him that,‖ I insisted. ―He‘ll understand. I am sure!‖ Oh, what a smile can do! Although I have never seen that young man again, I shall never forget the lesson he taught me that morning.

From that day on, I became smile – conscious, and I practice the diligently, anywhere and everywhere, with everybody. When I got excited in traffic, taking the right – of – way (公路用地) from the other car with my stupid mistake, I‘d smile and shrug my shoulders apologetically. This action on my part would always draw a good –natured smile in return. If the other fellow was at fault – and if I could remember my resolution in time! – he‘d get a broad smile of understanding. This took a bit of doing at first. I‘ll admit it wasn‘t always easy, but it was fun. The results were sometimes amazing. Many times, a broad, friendly smile would completely turn aside ill –feeling and tension. I‘m wondering now how many tragic add dents could be avoided on our overcrowded highways, if every driver remembered to smile!

59.The author got angry while shopping one day because .

A.of the clerk‘s unfriendliness and lack of concern

B.of her misfortune

C.she failed to purchase what she intended

D.a dark – complexion young man laughed at her

60.From the conversation between the author and the Mexican woman, we can infer that the woman .

A.was well – educated but unwilling to help others

B.was able to speak English

C.knew some English and was ready to help others

D.was familiar with the young man

61.In the author‘s opinion, if all people remembered to smile when driving, .

A.many traffic accidents could be avoided

B.they would receive a good natural smile in return

C.they could get a broad smile of understanding

D.they wouldn‘t feel any tension

62.The best title for this passage could be .

A.The Art of Smiling B.The Universal Language

C.The Power of Love D.The Magic Power of Friendship


An analysis by Mount Sinai researchers of over eight years of dietary data from more than 400,000 people has found that the relationship between high consumption of fruits and vegetables and a reduced risk of cancer is not as strong as commonly thought. The study is published online April 6, 2010 in the Journal of the National

Cancer Institute. It is widely believed that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables can reduce the risk of cancer. In 1990, the WHO recommended eating five servings of fruits and vegetables a day to prevent cancer and other diseases. However, although many studies have been conducted since then, none have been able to confirm an association between fruit and vegetable intake and cancer resistance.

Paolo Boffetta, MD, MPH, lead author of the study and Deputy Director of The Tisch Cancer Institute at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, and colleagues analyzed data from the EPIC study to evaluate relationships between cancer risk and intake of total fruit and vegetables combined.

The EPIC followers, which are ongoing and organized by professor Elio Riboli at Imperial College in London, included 142,605 men and 335,873 women surveyed between 1992 and 2000 from 10 Western European countries. Detailed information on their dietary habits and lifestyle differences was obtained. After 8.7 years of follow – up, more than 30,000 of the study's participants were diagnosed with cancer.

Dr. Boffetta and colleagues found a small but significant opposite relationship between high intake of fruits and vegetables and overall cancer risk. In this population, an increase of 200 grams a day of fruits and vegetables resulted in a reduction of about 3 percent of cancer risk. Vegetable consumption by itself also afforded a modest benefit but was restricted to women. Heavy drinkers who ate many fruits and vegetables had a somewhat reduced risk, but only for cancers caused by smoking and alcohol.

"The bottom line here is that, yes, we did find a protective effect of fruit and vegetable intake against cancer, but it is a smaller connection than previously thought," said Dr. Boffetta. "Any cancer protective effect of these foods is likely to be modest, at best.

"However, eating fruits and vegetables is beneficial for health in general and the results of this study do not justify changing current recommendations aiming at increasing intake of these foods," said Dr. Boffetta.

63.A new study shows that .

A.eating fruits and vegetables is beneficial to health

B.a diet rich in fruits and vegetables can reduce the risk of cancer

C.eating five servings of fruits and vegetables a day can prevent cancer and other diseases

D.the association between fruit and vegetable intake and cancer resistance is small

64.Before this study, people would believe that .

A.high intake of fruits and vegetables can prevent cancer and other diseases

B.heavy drinkers have the slightest chance of cancer

C.the WHO‘s recommendations were modest

D.the WHO‘s recommendations aim at increasing intake of fruits and vegetables

65.The population who took part in this study amounted to .

A.142,605 B.335,873 C.more than 400,000 D.30,000

66.From this study, we can infer that .

A.the intake of fruits and vegetables will be no longer necessary

B.the connection between fruits and vegetables intakes and cancer resistance is smaller than originally thought

C.taking in fruits and vegetables will still be appreciated in spite of the new discovery

D.any cancer protective effect of these foods is likely to be modest


When Toyota‘s president, Akio Toyoda, apologized for the recalls that have harmed Toyota‘s reputation, he talked not just about his company‘s fate, but also his nation‘s.

―I hope to return Toyota to profit and contribute to the revitalization of Japan,‖ he said.

Once a leading symbol of Japan‘s rise to global economic might, Toyota has become on e of the most obvious signs of its decline. And even before the recalls, Japan‘s rivals(竞争对手) from South Korea and China had started overtaking Japan in key industries from semi-conductors to flat-panel televisions. And Toyota on

Tuesday issued another damaging recall, this time of its popular Prius car.

―At this rate, Japan will sink into the sea,‖ said Masatomo Tanaka, a professor at the Institute of Technologists. ―If Toyota is not healthy, then Japan is not healthy.‖

Many economists and business leaders say they hope that Toyota‘s trouble will be the wake – up call that Japan needs to understand that its reliance on manufacturing(制造业) and industrial exports, which served the country so well after World War II, is no longer wise.

Yukio Noguchi, a professor of finance at Waseda University in Tokyo, said Japan must finally step into a post - industrial, service-based economy — a painful shift that the United States and Great Britain underwent in the 1980s. Others said Japan should focus on high-end, high-profit products, like robots and fuel cells, rather than mass-produced goods subject to quality-control issues.

―Even Toyota can fail. Even Lexus, even Prius,‖ said Mr. Noguchi. ―Our world-leading manufacturing industry may no longer world-leading. Thi s has a strong impact on the national psyche.‖

According to the Cabinet Office, manufacturing accounted for 22% of Japan‘s entire economic output in 2008, down from 28% in 1990. however, manufacturing‘s share of the economy still remains far above the level of 12% in the US. And few economists or journalists here advocate abrupt shifting. Rather, the feeling is that Japan needs to find a new balance by replacing its traditional industries with more information technology and software industries in which it is weak.

Yet this shift will be hard for Japan, where many policy makers and experts still seem to cling to the old model of heavy industries and consumer goods. If Japan can pull it off, it could serve as a model for other export –dependent Asian nations, which will also eventually face the same choice.

―I hope that Toyota will change our way of looking at our economy,‖ Mr Noguchi said. ―We cannot survive if we continue to stick to the old type of industries.‖

67.Since the Second World War, have been contributing much to Japan‘s economy.

A.high – end and high – profit products like robots and fuel cells

B.manufacturing and industrial exports

C.information technology and software industries

D.industries from semi – conductors to panel – televisions

68.Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the passage above?

A.Few Japanese economists advocate a rapid shift into a service – based economy.

B.Most journalists in Japan advocate an abrupt change into a post – industrial economy.

C.Many economists hold that it is too early for Japan to shift into a service – based economy.

D.No Japanese reporters think it high time for Japan to step into a post – industrial economy.

69.The underlined part ―cling to‖ probably means in the passage.

A.hold on to B.keep up with C.turn to D.pick up

70.From the passage we know the way out for Japan to get itself free from its decline consists in


A.keeping up its reliance on manufacturing

B.continuing to focus on its industrial export

C.speeding up its shift into a post – industrial economy

D.increasing its manufacturing





Leonardo Dicaprio

It‘s not only his 2007 feature – length documentary on global warning, The 11th Hour, that cast Leo to the near – top spot of this but it‘s his decade – long ongoing commitment to the cause. For one thing, he‘s been living in an eco – friendly apartment since the late 90‘s. Besides, he also created a state – of – art green hotel on an island he owns off the coast of Belize.

Cameron Diaz

Despite her toothy grin and party – girl reputation, this Charlie‘s Angel is serious about the Earth, which is pretty cool considering how much the kids look up her. She has taken a leadership position in the Environmental Media Association (EMA), an organization that uses the influence of media personalities to advance conservation and sustainable living, and she regularly chats about how to live greener to magazines and late – night talk show hosts. Her knowledge and passion for the environment so impressed Al Gore that Diaz was selected as a presenter for his documentary, An Inconvenient Truth.

Greenest Gesture: Hosting ―Trippin‖ on MTV, a show on how to be eco – friendly when you travel.

Natalie Portman

The actress has been a vegetarian since the ago of 9 and an active animal rights activist for several years. In 2008, she designed a line of high – fashion shoes that use no animal products, which have been a hot success. She has brought the concept of green fashion design to the forefront.

Greenest Gesture: All profits from the her footwear line are donated to environmental preservation organizations.

Edward Norton

Playing the Incredible Hulk wasn‘t Edward‘s first time going green. He has been championing energy preservation for years. He hosted Planet Earth‘s ―Strange Days‖ series and was the celebrity face of the ―Earth Hour‖ champion in March 2009, making multiple publicity appearances for the event.

Greenest Gesture: Starting up Solar Neighbors, an organization that offers free solar power energy system to low – income families in L.A.

Brad Pit

Brad Pit is helping to rebuild Katrina – stricken New Orleans and donating $ 5 million of his own money to Make. It Right, an adopt – a – green – home campaign that he hopes will help restore the still storm – stricken Lower 9th Ward. For every $ 150,000 that comes in, a family will get a home. And not just any house – these will be so eco – friendly and disaster – proof, they‘ll even float!

Greenest Gesture: The 150 houses built with green technology in the Lower 9th Ward.

Ed Begley, Jr.

The former star of St. Lesewhere has been ―green‖since 1970. That year he started driving an electric vehicle and making intensive recycling efforts. He has a house completely powered by solar and wind power, and the guy may be the only L.A. resident biking in to meetings, events, and awards shows.

Greenest Gesture: The show he hosts on Planet Green, ―Living with Ed‖, and his own chemical – free house cleaning product available on his website.







As we can see from the picture, two snails are talking about the traffic jam on a highway










71. Green 72. creation 73.presence/chats 74.impressive

75 .young 76 .Donating 77. rebuild 78. Using/Adopting

79 .rides 80 .chemical(s)


As we can see from the picture, two snails are talking about the traffic jam on a highway nearby. The high way is so packed with cars that none of them can run fast.

With the development of society, more and more people are Bow able to afford a car, Some families may have more than one. As a result,traffic jams are seen everywhere,which causes people a lot of trouble. What if an ambulance rushing a seriously sick patient to the hospital gets stuck in it? What if the fire engine is On its way to a fire accident? What if a businessman is driving to an important appointment? All these and other cases may possibly result in heavy losses.

To help prevent or even solve this problem,l think we must respond positively to the government‘s call to make better use of public vehicles,thus reducing the number of ears occupying the already crowded streets and roads By doing this, we Call also help decrease the release of waste gas.

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