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Unit 6Sports and Health

Listen and Talk

Lead in

Physical activity improves our bodies' health. A recent study 1.____in The New England Journal of Medicine, suggests that maintaining a healthy level of physical 2.____through exercise can help people live longer; and the findings also provide updated 3.____to Charles Darwin's "survival of the fittest" theory. But repetitive exercise can become boring, 4.____discouragement, frustration, even quitting. Selecting an activity that provides 5.___as well as physical exercise, however, can be the answer. Many people have turned to sports. Sports can provide a 6.____ physically as well as mentally - and increase one's physical activity while providing social interaction, a sense of accomplishment and enjoyment.

First held as part of the 1896 Olympics in Athens, Greece, and then brought to Boston, Massachusetts in 1897, the Marathon is now an important part of 7.____in many cities across America. Marathon running, usually a 40k (26.2 miles) race, is becoming increasingly popular with both men and women for its challenge of perseverance, requiring both 8.____and mental endurance, and its feat of accomplishment. For first-time runners it is the culmination of a dream - a personal 9.____obtained after months of physical and psychological 10.____and training. For veteran marathoners it's an opportunity to improve their Personal Best - competing against their own fastest time.

Key:1. published 2. fitness 3. support 4. leading to 5. enjoyment

6. challenge

7. culture

8. physical

9. goal 10 preparation

Passage A: Never Give Up

2.Answer the following questions with the information from the passage.

1.How was Paul Wylie’s life changed after he won the silver medal?

After he won the silver medal, Paul Wylie was regarded as a hero. He suddenly became busy with a lot of activities, such as signing advertising contracts, traveling on figure-skating world tours, being invited to exclusive events, being chased for his autographs by fans, etc.

2.What did t he reporter’s question “what are you doing here”? imply?

It implied that people were dissatisfied with Paul Wylie’s performance and lost confidence in him.

3. Why did Paul Wylie give the answer “daily” to the question “how often do you contemplate retirem ent”?

He answered “daily” because he was undergoing an extremely difficult time in his skating career and it was hard for him to keep going.

4.Was Paul Wylie a famous skater in the U.S. before he won the silver medal of 1992 Winter Olympics?

No, he wasn’t. Before winning the silver medal, he was a nobody whose performance at big events was usually unimpressive.

5.What have you learned from Paul Wylie’s story?

Answer: Open.

3. Choose the best answer to each question with the information you obtain from the passage.

1. Which of the following proverbs is most appropriate in describing Paul Wylie and his achievement?

A) All things will come round to him who will but wait.

B) A smooth sea never makes a skillful mariner.

C) Time past cannot be called back again.

D) Success belongs to the persevering.

2. Paul Wylie had no idea that the applause was for him when he stepped off the plane because __________.

A) he didn't realize that he had become a national hero

B) he thought there was a celebrity walking behind him

C) he didn't think it was a big deal to win a silver medal

D) he thought he was still the same person as before

3. Paul Wylie had experienced all of the following except that __________.

A) he was left behind by nine skaters in the 1988 Calgary Olympics

B) he was advised to quit skating and give opportunity to younger skaters

C) he didn't skate as well as Todd Eldredge and Kurt Browning in competitions

D) he had an excellent performance in the '91 Olympic Trials and won

4. Many people counted Paul Wylie out because __________.

A) they knew that he was going to retire soon

B) he decided to persevere and hang it there

C) they didn't think that he would be able to win a medal

D) he had been doing extremely well and was likely to win

5. According to Paul Wylie, a hero is one __________.

A) who only stands up in times of crisis or in more visible situations

B) who does good deeds regularly or inspires others with his own action

C) who skates to achieve perfection by practicing small parts every day

D) who is going to set a record in the Olympics to be held in Salt Lake City

Anwser: 1.D, 2.A, 3.D, 4.C, 5.B

4. Fill in the blanks with the words given below. Change the form where necessary.

1. The audience ____ enthusiastically at the end of the play.

2. Torrence expects to ____ her title successfully in the next Olympics.

3. Would you ____ your job if you inherited lots of money from your parents?

4. Jack has spent years in the development and ____ of his wine-making techniques.

5. As an advanced journalist, she has ____ celebrities and political leaders on her radio program for over 25 years.

6. According to a ____ of 1000 city residents,garbage collection is the city service people like most.

7. The reporter managed to get a(n) ____ interview with the Prime Minister.

8. We've had to build some cupboards to give us more ___ space.

9. "I've always found German cars very reliable," he ____ .

10. A team of sports journalists was sent to Germany to ____ the 2006 World Cup.

Anwser: 1. clapped 2. defend 3. quit 4. perfection 5. interviewed

6. survey

7. exclusive

8. storage

9. observed 10. cover

5. Complete the following sentences with phrases or expressions from the passage.Change the form where necessary.

1. If you're going swimming tomorrow morning, you can ____ me ____ , because I'll be preparing for an examination.

2. The child seemed to ____ the trouble he was causing, and still laughed in spite of the mother's anger.

3. The suspect ____ when he heard the footsteps behind him.

4.It is true that ____ even the most talented athletes lose their motivation.

5. A new director has been brought in to _____ the company .

Anwser: 1. count ... out 2. be unaware of 3. stopped in his tracks 4. at times 5. turn ... around

6.Find the words in Passage A according to the clues given. Then make two sentences with each of the words you have found.

1. A noun meaning “a flat piece of metal, usually shaped like a coin, that is gi ven to someone who has won a competition or who has done something brave”. (Para. 1)

Answer: medal

— He was awarded a medal for his heroic deed of saving a drowning child.

—Britain’s Olympic team returned from Los Angeles with five gold medals, 11 silver and 21 bronze.

2.An expression meaning “a set of buildings for the use of passengers joining or leaving an airplane”. (Para. 1)

Answer:air terminal

— A free shuttle bus runs between the air terminal and the train station.

— Many passengers were stuck at the air terminal building because of the foggy weather.

3. A verb meaning “deserve, have a right to”. (Para. 9)


— He merits promotion for his excellence in leadership and management.

— The committee will decide whether the case merits more serious attention.

4.A noun meaning “tasks and activities typically happen as part of a normal job or of normal procedure”. (Para. 11)


— The music band played their routines in every city across the nation.

— The athlete performed her bold and difficult routines with perfection in the match.

5.A noun meaning “a point or moment of great danger, difficulty, or uncertainty”. (Para. 11) Answer:crisis

— The sudden rise in oil prices has led to an economic crisis in the country.

— Relations between the two countries have reached the crisis point after rounds of talks.

7.Translate the following sentences into English.

1. 那件工作很难做,不过我想试试看。(have a shot)

It’s a difficult job, but I’d like to have a shot.

2.这是一本关于商务实践而非理论的书。(as opposed to)

This is a book about business practice as opposed to theory.

3. 社会活动从未耽误她的学习。(in the way)

Social activities never get in the way of her studies.

4.直到1911年人们才发现第一种维生素(vitamin)。(It is not until...that)

It was not until 1911 that the first of the vitamins was identified.


Natural disasters have obviously contributed to the country’s economic crisis.

8. Read and compare the English sentences, paying attention to their italicized parts and then translate the Chinese sentences by simulating the structure of the English sentences.

1.From that moment on, Paul recognized that his life would never be the same.

From that moment on, the physician who had just won the Nobel Prize recognized that his life would never be the same.


2.He was a young man who had discovered and demonstrated that goals can be reached no matter how many obstacles and botched attempts lie in the way.

He was a young detective who believed that he will be able to find out the real cause of the murder no matter how many obstacles lie in the way.


3.It wasn’t until I stepped off the plane that I realized people considered me a hero.

It wasn’t until he graduated from university that he realized how much time he had idled away. 他的妻子在车祸中丧生之后,他才意识到妻子在他的生活中曾经有多么重要。

4.With medal in hand, Paul was suddenly ushered into a world of lucrative endorsement and figure-skating world tours, of exclusive events and autograph seeker.

With gold statuette in hand, the young best leading actress was suddenly ushered into a world of fame and fortune.


5.Just as a skater achieves perfection by practicing small parts of his larger routine day after day, a hero must look for ways to serve on a regular basis-not just in a crisis or more visible situation.

Just as a pianist achieves perfection by playing small parts of his larger routine day after day, a student should look for ways to learn on a regular basis, not just before exams.


1 From that moment on, 11-year-old Daniel who played the leading role in the “Harry Potter” movies recognized that his life would never be the same.

2 He was a young man who believed that he will fulfill his dream no matter how many difficulties lie in the way.

3 It wasn’t until his wife was killed in the accident that he realized how important she had been in his life.

4 With fairy tale book in hand, I always felt I was ushered into a world of beauty and purity.

5 Just as an athlete achieves perfection by repeated training of a few actions of the larger routine day after day, a good student should make continuous efforts to improve himself on a regular basis.

Passage B: Finding a Balance

11.Answer the following questions with the information from the passage.

1. When did the narrator start to reflect seriously on her weight-loss efforts?

The narrator started to reflect seriously on her weight-loss efforts when she caught her reflection in the mirror at her friend’s New Year's Eve party.

2.What did the narrator have to do while she was reducing her weight?

She had to combine her love for cooking with healthful eating.

3.How did the narrator feel after she lost 165 pounds?

She felt she was in tune with her body and herself.

4.How did the narrator help others lose weight?

She published a book of low-fat recipes and ran workshops and seminars on healthful eating.

5.What will you do in order to live a balanced life?

Answer: Open.

12. Choose the best answer to each question with the information from the passage.

1. What factors contributed to the narrator's failure in losing her weight at first?

A) Her unhealthy lifestyle and passion for cooking.

B) Her improper cooking and unhealthy eating habits.

C) Her unwillingness to abandon low-fat desserts.

D) Her disinelination to exercise herself.

2. What did the narrator do as she kept on gaining weight?

A) She decided to stay away from home.

B) She tried a few low-fat diets.

C) She bought herself clothes of larger size

D) She could do nothing except feeling deprived and guilty.

3. The narrator's story tells us that _________.

A) trial and error is important in learning cooking

B) it is important to have a balanced diet

C) cooking by oneself will make one healthy

D) reading cookbooks will help to forma a good eating habit

4. Which of the following statements is true according to the passage?

A) She didn't attend the New Year's Eve party because of her weight.

B) Her dream of becoming a beautiful girl came true after she lost weight.

C) She missed the opportunity to attend college because of her self-consciousness.

D) She didn't seriously consider losing weight until she realized how fat she was.

5. It can be concluded from the passage that _________.

A) it is important to act upon some tips in order to keep fit

B) one will live a healthy life if one cooks every day

C) improper eating habits lead to gaining weight easily

D) one will feel deprived if one fails to give attention to one's body

Anwser: 1.B, 2.C, 3.B, 4.D, 5.C

13. Fill in the blanks with the words given below. Change the form where necessary.

1. No one can function properly if he is ____ of adequate sleep.

2. This is a ____ place - fresh air and plenty of sunshine!

3. According to many weight-loss books,diets are more effective when ___ with exercise.

4. There's no point in trying to stop her -it'll only make her more ____ .

5. He doesn't have a very healthy ____ very fatly stress,a lot of food and no exercise.

6. She had to hold onto the railings(栏杆)to keep her ____ when learning to skate.

7. Parents don't always know what ____ to take when dealing with teenage children.

8. These doctors help you talk about your problems but they don't give you any ____ .

9. All the staff in the company seemed to look ____ and the atmospher was not at all pleasant.

10. She does such a good job that she _____ every penny she earns.

Anwser: 1. deprived 2. healthful 3. combined 4. determined 5. lifestyle

6. balance

7. approach

8. solutions

9. miserable 10. deserves

14. Complete the following sentences with phrases or expressions chosen from the passage. Change the form where necessary.

1. Such highly paid jobs are ___ for someone with no qualifications.

2. Much of his success comes from being ___ what his customers think.

3. You could be a very good tennis player if you ___ it.

4. The label had ___ ,so there was no way of knowing what was in the tube.

5. There's no instant way of finding a cure—it's just a process of ___ .

Anwser: 1. out of reach 2. in tune with 3. set your mind to 4. come off 5. trail and error

15.Translate the following sentences into English.

1.我们的婚姻很幸福,但我们也曾经历过许多坎坷。(ups and downs)

Our marriage is happy but we’ve had many ups and downs.

2.许多外语教师常常在课堂上自己讲得太多。(be inclined to)

Many teachers of foreign languages are inclined to talk too much themselves in class.

3.那位著名演员每天早晨锻炼一小时以保持健康。(work out)

The famous actor keeps fit by working out for an hour every morning.

4.与他促膝长谈之后,她的怀疑消失了。(melt away)

After a long heart-to-heart talk with him, her suspicion melted away.

5.目前我们没有职位空缺(vacancy),但我们肯定会记住您的申请。(keep in mind)

We have no vacancies now, but we’ll certainly keep your application in mind.