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2017版高中英语牛津译林版江苏专用二轮复习练习:必修4Unit1Advertising单元检测 含解析 精品



1.(2014·江苏潼阳中学检测)A good speaker is supposed to manage to ________ the listeners what he means.

A.make sense to B.appeal to

C.attach to D.get across to

2.(2014·合肥八中模拟)The basic strategy to change bad behavior is to guide right ________ of teenagers by using some right public opinions, good models and perfect personalities.

A.remarks B.comments

C.values D.costs

3.(2014·阜阳三中模拟)China has increased supply of low-rent apartments recently, ________ to help low-income families have places to live in.

A.to aim B.aiming

C.having aimed D.aims

4.(2014·芜湖模拟)________every day, the information on the Internet is always new and up-to-date.

A.Updated B.Updating

C.To update D.Having updated

5.(2014·湖北荆州高三质检)Through the years, VOA Special English has become a very popular tool for teaching English, even though it was not ________ as a teaching program.

A.attached B.designed

C.performed D.appealed

6.(2014·盐城高三模拟)Ad-makers choose words and brand names very carefully in order to make a creative image of the product they are ________.

A.processing B.producing

C.providing D.promoting

7.(2014·南京第五十五中学检测)I have tried everything I can ________ him to stay, but he didn't listen to me.

A.persuade B.persuading

C.to be persuaded D.to persuade

8.(2014·安庆一中模拟)I strongly recommend that the information ________ in my report ________ to Professor Keller without delay.

A.to be referred to; to be e-mailed

B.referring to; e-mail

C.referred to; be e-mailed

D.being referred to; being e-mailed

9.(2014·江苏新沂二中质量检测)—You should have told her about the meaning of the gesture.

—I meant ________,but I had some unexpected guests.

A.to do B.to have

C.doing D.doing so

10.(2014·苏南五校联考)—Have you heard that George quit his job?

—Yeah, but I can't ________ why he did so.

A.put out B.figure out

C.carry out D.send out

11.(2014·淮南市模拟)Mike, you know, ________ that sounds like a good idea, you shouldn't overdo it at the beginning.

A.even though B.now that

C.even so D.only if

12.(2014·黄山模拟)—How do you feel about the story we've just read?

—________,it's not to my taste.

A.Generally B.Really

C.Secretly D.Personally

13.(2014·南通模拟)He is used to ________ the matters that I don't know ________.

A.dealing with; what to do with them

B.do with; how to deal with them

C.do with; what to do with

D.dealing with; what to do with

14.(2014·淮安高三检测)The ________ young man left the company, ________ never to come back.

A.determined; determined

B.determining; determining

C.determined; being determined

D.determining; having determined

15.(2014·永州一模)I strongly feel that whatever our friends ________ matter to us.

A.do do B.does do

C.does does D.do does



(2014·福建省高三六校第二次联考)Many people think of the brain as a mystery. They don't

know much about intelligence and how it works. When they do think about what intelligence is, many people believe that a person is born smart, average, or dumb —and stays that way in the whole life. But new research shows that the brain is more like a muscle —it changes and gets stronger when you use it. And scientists have been able to show just how the brain grows and gets stronger when you learn.

Everyone knows that when you lift weights, your muscles get bigger and you get stronger. A person who can't lift 20 pounds when he/she starts exercising can get strong enough to lift 100 pounds after working out for a long time. That's because the muscles become larger and stronger with exercise. And when you stop exercising, the muscles shrink and you get weaker. That's why people say “Use it or lose it!”

But most people don't know that when they practice and learn new things, parts of their brain change and get larger a lot like muscles do when they exercise. Inside the cortex (皮层) of the brain are billions of tiny nerve cells, called neurons. The nerve cells have branches connecting them to other cells in a complicated network. Communication between these brain cells is what allows us to think and solve problems. When you learn new things, these tiny connections in the brain actually multiply and get stronger. The more you challenge your mind to learn, the more your brain cells grow. Then, things that you once found very hard or even impossible to do — like speaking a foreign language or doing algebra (代数) — seem to become easy after learning them for a period of time. The result is a stronger, smarter brain.

Scientists started thinking that the human brain could develop and change when they studied animals' brains. They found out that animals that lived in a challenging environment were more “perspicacious” — they were better at solving problems and learning new things.

1.According to the first paragraph,________.

A.the function of our brain is like that of the muscle

B.until now it's impossible to explain the brain's mystery

C.many people believe one's intelligence is naturally determined

D.one's brain grows stronger as the age increases

2.Training muscles is compared to ________.

A.using the brain

B.connecting things in your brain

C.lifting weights

D.doing research about the brain

3.What is Paragraph 3 mainly about?

A.The complex structure of the brain.

B.How changes in the muscles affect the brain.

C.The importance of the brain.

D.How the brain becomes stronger by learning new things.

4.What does the underlined word “perspicacious” in the last paragraph probably mean?


C.Popular. D.Active.



Poetry Writing Classes Online

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2017版高中英语牛津译林版江苏专用二轮复习练习:必修4Unit1Advertising单元检测 含解析 精品



Poetry Writing 10-Week Workshop

Focusing on developing projects and receiving comment from the instructor and classmates, this course helps students sharpen their skills and work toward completion of publishable work.

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