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Passage 1

Here's a story about Ming's on the waters. Ming has lived all his life on a wide r 1

in china. His home is a large house-boat with a roof, one of hundreds that move up and down. In about six years he has not once been on l 2 ,but he is never lonely. He is a strong swimmer.

In fact(实际上),he could swim before he could walk. When he wants to play with his f 3 ,he

just swims across to their boats or asks them to v 4 him.

Ming's father is a fisherman, but he never u 5 a line or a net(网). Great black birds

called cormorants(鸬鹚) do the fishing for him. Rings(圈)have been put around the bird's

n 6 so that they cannot eat the fish they catch. They have been taught to b 7 the fish to

people. And then people reward(奖励)them with a fine big fish as soon sa their work is f 8 .

Ming loves watching the cormorants, but better still he likes going s 9 with his mother. The

shops, of course, are boats very like his o 10 .

1. r

2. l

3. f

4. v

5. u

6. n

7. b

8. f

9. s 10. o

Passage 2

Can animals be made to work for people? Some scientists think that one day animals may be trained(训练)to do a number of simple jobs i 1 of people. They say that at a circus(杂技场),for example, we may see elephants, monkeys, dogs and other animals doing q 2 skillful(熟练的)things. Perhaps you have seen them on the television or in a film. If you watch closely,

you may find that the trainer(驯兽员)always g 3 the animal some sugar o 4 a piece of

fruit as a reward(报酬). The scientists say that many d 5 animals may be trained to do a lot of

simple things if they know they will get a reward f 6 doing that.

Of course, as we know, dogs can be trained to look after a house, and soldiers in both old and modern t 7 have u 8 geese to give warning(警报)by m 9 a lot of noise when an

enemy comes near. And also it may be possible to train animals to work in families or f 10 .

1. i

2. q

3. g

4. o

5. d

6. f

7. t

8. u

9. m 10. f

Passage 3

In recent years, playing kite—board seems to become more and more popular in Alaska in America. It is a new and old game. The game has w 1 the interest of many young people.


The game is interesting but a little d 2 . One needs to play it very c 3 .

A kite—board is in fact a skateboard(滑雪板)drawn(拉)by a few big flying kites. The old game was p 4 by some young people in Holand and Spain as e 5 as the last century.

Since the board was hard to control(控制),f 6 people dared(敢)to play it. With the development of the design(设计)of kite and skateboard, many people can l 7 .How to play it. A

kite board may go as f 8 as about 50 kilometres an hour. If you haven't had any practice,

you'd better not play it. It is not s 9 .

It is said that the game can exercise not only your b 10 , but also the sensitivity of your


1. w

2. d

3. c

4. p

5. e

6. f

7. l

8. f

9.s 10. b

Passage 4

British Milkman Steve Leech saved some shops and flats(公寓)with milk and won a National Bravery Award(国家勇敢奖).

Leech, 35 years old, said that when he was sending out milk as u 1 along Pine Street, he

s 2 heard a loud, strange sound behind him and then he saw smoke coming out of a shop in

Cornwall, southern England. “That must be a fire, I t 3 ,”Leech said. “Then I quickly d 4

to do something. So I p 5 the door in and then I s 6 for the people inside. Then I started

pouring milk e 7 .”He used 320 pints of milk to stop the fire. When firefighters r 8 the

shop, the fire was under control(得到控制).

Leech helped save the l 9 of eight people in the flats above the shops.

“It was hard work o 10 all those bottles. But it was even harder trying to tell my boss

where all the milk had gone,”Leech said jokingly.

1. u

2. s

3. t

4. d

5. p

6. s

7. e

8. r

9. l 10. o

Passage 5

While traveling in Russia, Ed Jackson ran shout of(缺少)money. So he wrote t 1 his brother, asking for $500. “Send the m 2 by telegram(电报)to the bank(银行)here,”he wrote. After a week Ed began v 3 the bank. He s 4 his passport(护照)to the bank clerk 2

(职员). “Nothing has come for you, Mr. Jackson,”he was told.

This went o 5 for three weeks, and Mr. Jackson got very w 6 . He then phoned his brother, asking w 7 the money was. The brother said it had been sent three weeks b 8 .

That evening Ed Jackson was arrested(被捕)for failing to p 9 his hotel bill(账单). He tried to tell the police what his problem was, but no one would believe him. At last he was s 10 to

the police station for fifteen days.

1. t

2. m

3. v

4. s

5. o

6. w

7. w

8. b

9. p 10. s

Passage 6

April Fools' Day is on April 1st. People can play j 1 on others on this special d 2 . If

you succeed, you usually laugh and say “April Fool!”The person who has been fooled by you l

3 , too, and he will never be angry with you.

Mother's Day is on the second Sunday of May. It's a day to t 4 mothers. On that day

mothers usually receive flowers and cards from their children. Fathers and children do the housework so that mothers can have a r 5 .

Easter Day falls on the first Sunday after the full moon which is on or after March 21 st. It's

also called Easter Sunday. It is said that on that day Jesus Christ comes back to l 6 . Many

people go to church and children often get p 7 such as toy rabbits.

Thanksgiving Day is on the fourth Thursday in November. It's a day when people give

thanks for the good things in life. Usually families all get t 8 and have a big dinner.

Christmas Day comes on D 9 25th. It's the most important festival in a year. The

beautiful things can be s 10 everywhere. People exchange gifts, send Christmas cards and visit


1. j

2. d

3. l

4. t

5. r

6. l

7. p

8. t

9. D 10. s

Passage 7

A Delicious Book

Mr King taught English in a middle school. He was very b all the time and couldn't do

some r . So he left the school and opened a book shop in the c of the town. It wasn't

big enough but all the books were nice and most people liked to buy some there. When the shop

was c , he could read at home. He knew a lot and the learned(有学问的)person were glad to

make f with him.


It was Sunday and it was cold outside. Mr King was very busy. At nine in the evening all the

buyers left e a girl. She was dressed up and waited for s there. Standing by the shelves,

she looked over the books one after a . It made them in a fearful mess(凌乱不堪). Mr King

came up to her and asked, “Excuse me, madam. What can I do for you?”“Your books are all dull (乏味的),”said the girl, “I want a d one.”“That's easy,”Mr King smiled. He t out a

cookbook(烹调书)and said, “Here you are, madam.”

Passage 8

Once Effendi had a joke with the Prime Minister(首相). He said the Minister w

die the next day. The next day, the Minister really f off the horse and died. When the king h

of this, he got angry and sent his men to c Effendi at once.

W Effendi came, the king shouted a ,”Effendi, since you knew when my minister

would die, you must also know the date of your own death. Say it out, or you'll die today.”Effendi l at the king and answered, “But how can I know? I'll die two days e

than you.”

The king was a that he would die if he killed Effendi. He thought he must keep Effendi

alive(活着)as long as he could. So he l him go.

Passage 9

Roy Trenton drove a taxi before. A short while ago, however, he b a bus-driver and he

feels no sorry about it. He is finding his new work far more i .When he was driving along

Catford Street recently, he saw two thieves r out of a shop and run towards a waiting car.

One of them was carrying a bag f of money. Roy acted quickly and drove the bus straight at the thieves. The one w the money got so afraid that he dropped the bag. As the thieves were

trying to get a in their car, Roy drove his bus into the b

of it. While the car was moving away, Roy stopped his bus and t the police. The thieves'

car was badly damaged(损坏)and e to recognize(辨认). Shortly afterwards, the police stopped the car and both men were c .

Passage 10

Now, let's begin our sports report. Here's a really good game, the b one I have seen this year. It's the last five minutes of the g .Henry plays football f France. He has the ball

now. He p the ball to David. David k it over the heads of the Englishmen towards the goal. But he's too far a . France and England still have one goal each and there are only two

m left of the game. Just then an English p gets the ball. He gives it to Bill, “King of the

match”. Bill puts the ball into the goal. In the e the English team w .



Passage 1

river land friends visit uses nicks bring finished shopping own Passage 2

instead quite gives or different for times used making farms Passage 3

won difficult carefully played early few learn fast safe body Passage 4

usual suddenly thought decided pushed shouted everywhere reached lives opening Passage 5

to money visiting showed on worried where before pay sent Passage 6

jokes day laughs thank rest life presents together December seen Passage 7

busy reading center closed friends except someone/somebody another delicious took

Passage 8

would fell heard catch when angrily looked earlier afraid let Passage 9

become interesting rush full with away back telephoned easy caught Passage 10

best game for passes kicks away minutes player end wins


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